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Atlanta, United States of America

Blue Mammoth Games

Blue Mammoth Games is a Ubisoft Studio led by friends who just wanted to make fun games. Our main project is Brawlhalla, a free to play platform fighting game set in Valhalla with over 65 million players and cross-play across all available platforms - from pc to console to mobile. Since we began in 2009, Blue Mammoth Games has grown from two developers to dozens.

We have some of the nicest and most talented people working at the studio. We’re truly lucky to have such an incredible group all in one place. And, while we expand Blue Mammoth and Brawlhalla, we celebrate our milestones with cookie cake and ice cream. The biggest milestone we have yet to hit is an office on the Moon (then Mars soon after), but it won’t be long before we’re there.

Brawlhalla Releases and History

Brawlhalla Battle Pass Season 7

Brawlhalla Esports 2023

Brawlhalla x Avatar: The Last Airbender

Our Game, Our Passion


The free to play platform fighter with cross-play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, Steam, iOS and Android devices

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