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Womxn Develop at Ubisoft Bucharest


The Video Game Industry is one of the most dynamic and attractive employment sectors for young people. With ever-changing technologies and fast-paced competition, you’ll find diversity of talents who all want to leave their mark on the world. In order to invite more women to this exciting industry, Ubisoft initiated “Womxn Develop at Ubisoft”: a mentoring program dedicated to womxn that aims to attract and develop new talents for our studios worldwide. In March 2021, we launched the first edition of Womxn Develop at Ubisoft in the Bucharest studio. For the inaugural session, we created a challenge-style competition where we bring together several womxn who are interested in joining the industry and invite them to show us what they’re made of.

The program contains two tracks: Programming and Game Design. In the technical Gameplay Programming challenge, the selected participants must create and submit a game built entirely in C++ using a provided API. For the Game Design track, the participants need to apply their design sensibilities across the challenge to represent a Game Designer’s production journey at Ubisoft. They will need to develop and prototype a game on a given theme.

Throughout the challenge, Game Design and Programming experts from Ubisoft Bucharest are working with the participants, providing them with vital knowledge about the game development process.

The challenge will end on the 10th of May. On May 24th,, two trainees will be selected (one from each track) for a three-month paid internship. They will get to experience working in our multi-disciplinary AAA game studio in Bucharest.

For more information about this program, visit our website .