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Ubisoft Bucharest’s involvement in the development of Watch Dogs: Legion


The Ubisoft Bucharest studio made a significant contribution to the development of Watch Dogs: Legion. For instance, we built more than 20% of the game map, created open-world activities from scratch, and developed a series of Play-As-Anyone recruits. To keep the players interested, sandbox games need to make them feel as if they are acting in a living and engaging with the world. Along with non-playable characters’ AI, exciting conversation, and the overall atmosphere of the world, adding open-world activities is one way of achieving this. In this regard, the Bucharest Studio has created quite of these in-world activities, such as Bareknukle Boxing, Kick-up, Darts, Parcel Fox, Paste-Up, Relic Hunt, and Photo Booth. Not only that, but the local development team helped extend the game map by bringing London's Southwark Borough district to the Watch Dogs universe. Moreover, we increased the Play-As-Anyone recruitment set by adding character archetypes such as the spy, fighter, construction worker, getaway driver, and street artist. The Romanian production team also made part of the post-launch content of the game - including the PvP mode Spider-Bot Arena, as well as Invasion - a popular game mode in the other Watch Dogs titles. The QC team was involved in testing the game on consoles, including next-gen consoles, and developing test automation scripts meant to increase the QC teams' productivity. To discover more about Bucharest's helpful contribution to the development process, watch the interview with Lucian Istrate, Game Design Director at Ubisoft Bucharest: