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Creating worlds is a rewarding and challenging job and it takes expert knowledge in various disciplines to achieve AAA quality. From the Game Designers who imagine the rules of the game to the Animators that breathe life into it, read more about the different roles and responsibilities our teams have.

GAME DESIGN The role of all Game Design professionals at Ubisoft is to imagine and develop compelling and engaging rules for our games. From conception to release, they design high quality game systems and mechanics that are adapted to the audience and will enable players to live their own unique, fun and rich gaming experiences.

LEVEL DESIGN The role of all Level Design professionals at Ubisoft is to assemble the creative and design intentions into an exciting, challenging and consistent universe. From conception to release, they build and fill game levels and worlds that will stimulate player expression and therefore enrich their gaming experiences.

ART The role of all Art professionals at Ubisoft is to create high quality visual content to inspire and realize the vision of the game. They aim at shaping stunning, imaginative and memorable visual identities and atmospheres that will enhance the player’s immersion in the game.

ANIMATION The role of all Animation professionals at Ubisoft is to bring our worlds and characters to life with high quality motion. They produce aesthetic and smooth animations within technical boundaries and contribute to creating believable and emotional moments that will immerse the player in the game.

PROGRAMMING The role of all Programming professionals at Ubisoft is to create the technical backbone of the game and production pipeline. They provide all development teams with technical solutions to produce and carry out their vision and intentions into the game. They thus develop engines, tools and systems to ensure optimal and sustainable performance of the game and pipeline.

GAMEPLAY PROGRAMMING The Gameplay Programming professionals at Ubisoft are the masters of interactions. They maximize the playability, fun and comfort for the players. Their role is to drive, challenge and turn creative ideas into high quality gameplay features in order to deliver believable, memorable and original gaming experiences.

QUALITY ASSURANCE The role of all Quality Assurance professionals at Ubisoft is to collect and compile the data produced during the whole development process. They ensure efficient and reliable creation of game versions by optimizing build processes and by constantly supporting the development teams.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT The role of all Project Management professionals at Ubisoft is to manage the whole production process of a game and to build & develop the team that will deliver it. They bridge the creative, production and business visions, liaising with all stakeholders, mitigating the risks, and ensuring the content quality to deliver successful games.