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(September 22, 2023) 2023 marks the 15th anniversary of Ubisoft Chengdu. As the curtains fall on our vibrant and unforgettable anniversary party, we're excited to relive the joyous moments and share the highlights with you.

A Return to the Beginning

Stepping onto the red carpet and taking a trip down memory lane, team members travelled through time, reminiscing and sharing their stories with Ubisoft Chengdu. The mesmerizing Time Tunnel brought everyone back in time to the very beginning of our shared journey.

Time Tunnel

The magic of nostalgia didn't stop there. We also invited team members who have been with us from the very beginning to sit down and engage in cozy conversations to share their stories, experiences, and the evolution of our studio over the years. What’s more, other members also took this opportunity to share their own memories by sharing images that tell their stories with the number 15 and our studio.


Exploring the Multiverse Adventures

We also embarked on an exciting adventure - the "Multiverse Stamp Card Challenge". This wasn't merely a fun activity but a magical odyssey through some of the projects we have contributed to over the years, allowing us to reconnect with the very heartbeats of our studio's history.


Spotlighting the Stage

The celebration also echoed with the symphony of diversity that defines our studio. From rapping to dancing and more, our members showcased their versatility with great enthusiasm. These performances made the celebration vibrant and highlighted that our talents make us unique and continue to fuel our journey. To open the show at night, the leadership team from Global – Yves Guillemot, China – Xavier Poix and Chengdu studio – Shu Xin Yu greeted us by reflecting on our past achievements as well as gazing into the possibilities of the future.


Looking Ahead

Starting with a group of passionate fresh graduates in 2008, Chengdu studio has now grown into a robust production center in China with over 460 diverse talents hailing from 10 different nationalities. These talented individuals have collectively contributed to hometown, footholds and opportunity brands, such as Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow 6, Skull and Bones, For Honor, Mario + Rabbids, Immortals Fenyx Rising, UNO, The Division, Rabbids: Party of Legends, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Star Wars Outlaws, marking the impressive evolution of our studio. Moving forward, we are ready to embrace the creative adventures that lie ahead. The best is yet to play