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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi

Office 301, Podium 3, Entrance 14, Tower 4, Yas Creative Hub P.O. Box 77884 Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates Note: Visitors to Ubisoft Abu Dhabi studio should have received confirmation of visit and signed an NDA at least 48hrs in advance.

Welcome to Ubisoft Abu Dhabi

Opened in 2011, Ubisoft Abu Dhabi is the first major video game studio to be based in the capital of the United Arab Emirates and serves as Ubisoft’s Regional Hub for games development. We are a team of more than 60 talented and passionate mobile game developers made up of programmers, game designers, artists, QA, live ops, and more, comprising the full team it takes to develop, launch, and manage world class mobile games!

Since 2014, we have released successful titles such as CSI: Hidden Crimes™, which has been played by over 30 million players. With the acquisition of the social massive multiplayer Free-to-Play game Growtopia® in February 2017, we oversee the title’s live operations and manage its highly engaged community of 35+ million registered users.

The studio is a multi-cultural environment based in trust and a responsible attitude towards everything we do, including our projects, and our players. Ubisoft Abu Dhabi is dedicated to creating additional content for its live games, strengthening player engagement as well as working on unannounced projects. The studio is a team committed to the work we do, while still finding time to have fun in together in the year-round Abu Dhabi sunshine.

Life @ Ubisoft Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Life

Abu Dhabi Life

Studio Life

Studio Life

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi celebrates 5 years

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi celebrates 5 years

A Studio of Superheroes

A Studio of Superheroes

Meet our team

Our Core Values [T.R.A.D.E]


As a studio striving to create a niche in the games industry, we believe that the only way toachieve our mission is by working as a team where we all understand, support, and help each other in taking steps forward to reach our goals.

Responsible Attitude

We nurture a responsible attitude amongst ours team, where each person shoulders responsibility for their work and behaves responsibly in all of their interactions with colleagues, customers, and with society at large.


We want all our employees to adhere to the rules and regulations, abiding by the framework built by our policies and procedures. We provide our team with the freedom to be themselves within these frameworks


We expect our employees to have an undying determination, always dedicated to performing at the best of their capabilities and going the extra mile in every effort they make.


We ultimately aim at efficiency in our every effort; ensuring that no matter what our course of action, we reach our final goal of delivering our tasks and achieving our missions efficiently.

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