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Interns & Graduates

Ubisoft Graduate Program

With our 2-year Graduate Program in the fields of UX Design, Project Management, AI/Gameplay, Online Programming, and Technical Art, available in more than 20 locations worldwide, fast-track your career in game development accompanied by the industry’s top talent.

You are eligible to apply for 2024 class if you have graduated or will be graduating in 2024 and have less than 1 year of experience (excluding internships and apprenticeships) when you apply.

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The Ubisoft Graduate Program is a two-year international program designed as a career accelerator into the game industry. As a fresh graduate, you will benefit from an individual development plan and follow-up in order to develop your skills in project management, online programming, gameplay, AI programming, UX Design or Tech Art. Depending on the studio to which you are eligible, the Graduate Program may be a local track or an international track. You will have the opportunity to work on thrilling projects with multi-disciplinary teams over two years in the same studio for the local track or in two different studios for the international one.

AI/Gameplay Programming

As a core member of the production team, you are actively involved in developing the interactivity of the game. You turn game design rules and gameplay elements such as features, animation, sound, etc. into playable sequences. To achieve this mission, you work closely with designers, artists, animators and other game development team members. For fluid gameplay, you intervene at every phase: conception, implementation, optimization, and debugging of the gameplay code. Ultimately, your goal is to deliver a comfortable, immersive and fun game experience for players.

Project Management

As a member of a game development team, you help monitor project deliverables, keeping an eye on deadlines, budget and quality. You are an active project facilitator, ensuring smooth, clear and constant communication between designers, artists, animators, programmers or brand managers, often spread out across several locations. You will work on your leadership and management skills, following the lead from your direct manager. The bottom line: helping achieve the team’s aim to create successful, innovative games.

UX Design

As part of the production team, you play a critical role translating the vision of the game into a comfortable experience for the player. You help build a consistent immersive player experience. You will have an impact on game feel, Game Design, UI design, and playtesting. UX spans a wide variety of universes and genres – VR, online, multiplayer – offering you countless challenges and opportunities to innovate.


As a Technical Artist in our game development team, you are the link between creativity and technology. You are responsible for implementing advanced graphics, animation, and technical solutions, ensuring they align with the artistic vision. Your role involves optimizing performance, bridging the gap between artists and programmers, and pushing the boundaries of technology in areas like shaders and rendering.

Application Process

Application opening

February 5th 10:00AM (Paris time): CV Screening

After positive CV Screening:

For Online & Gameplay programming only : 30 minutes technical test in C++

For Tech Art : technical test

For all: phone review

Application closing

March 29th at 6:30PM (Paris time)

Face to Face interview

February to March

Interview with managers & HR

UX & Project Management: Case study

Online & Gameplay Programming : 1 hour to 1.5 hour C++ programming test

Final stage

March to April

UX & Project Management: Assessment Center

Online & Gameplay Programming and Tech Art: Final interview with senior top expert

Final answer

End of April to May

Starting in the studio

July to September

Hear from our graduates & mentees


    "Ubisoft values both autonomy and collaboration."

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    “This program helped me develop both my programming and soft skills!"

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    "The graduate program offer is a very good support to help us to understand the Ubisoft ecosystem."

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    “I would encourage everyone to take part in Develop at Ubisoft."

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    "I had a wonderful experience with the Ubisoft GP."

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    "I absolutely loved tuning in and learning about a bunch of different aspects of working in the industry."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which studios are taking part in the Graduate Program?

This will vary each year according to each studio’s needs: the locations available will appear on the job description when the applications open in January.

I have already applied unsuccessfully in the past. It is worth trying again this year?

You can apply as many times as you want as long as you respect the eligibility criteria: having graduated with a bachelor’s or master’s degree, and having less than 1 year of experience when you apply (internship and apprenticeship excluded).

I come from a country which does not participate in the Graduate Program. Can I still apply?

We will look into immigration requirements to see if you are eligible to work in a Ubisoft studio participating in the Program.

How is the second year location decided?

The second year location is decided through a crossmatch between the graduate’s wishes, immigration requirements and project needs in Ubisoft studios.