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Interns & Graduates



1) Can you tell us more about your experience as part of the Ubisoft GP?

I had a wonderful experience with the Ubisoft GP. It allowed me to gain knowledge on various aspects of Ubisoft I would not have been able to have otherwise.

2) What makes the Ubisoft GP different from a regular first job?

In my experience, it can take a while to feel like you know enough about a company to understand how the company works. Ubisoft GP made this process much faster and easier by allowing me to meet people from other departments and learn about what they do.

3) Which achievement are you the proudest since you started the Ubisoft GP?

I successfully managed to adapt to my new job, learned many new skills and learned a lot on how Ubisoft builds amazing video games.

4) What’s it like to work at Ubisoft?

People are supportive and always willing to help. You constantly have opportunities to learn about a very wide range of topics. Loving it so far!