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Interns & Graduates

Mandy | UX Designer, Singapore


- Can you tell us more about your experience as part of the Ubisoft Graduate Program?

As a part of the Ubisoft GP, it’s been humbling to be able to hear the insights of experienced people within the company. There have been many learning opportunities provided by being in the GP ranging from various topics. The breadth of knowledge provided has been very interesting and I look forward to learning more.

- What makes the Ubisoft GP different from a regular first job?

A big difference would be the presence of a strong support system in the Ubisoft. As a fresh graduate in Ubisoft, it was initially daunting. However being part of the Ubisoft Graduate Program, I could meet both fellow and former graduates from the program to share my experiences with and learn from. This really fostered a sense of belonging to Ubisoft and made the transition into the working world seamless!

- Which achievement are you the proudest since you started the Ubisoft Graduate Program?

Anything that I’ve designed appearing in the build! It’s always rewarding to be given a problem, creating a solution and learning from all the challenges along the way.

- What’s it like to work at Ubisoft?

Fun and productive. Working on the project has been an exciting journey so far, as I am able to learn something new each day. Everyone has such a strong passion for games so working alongside such a talented group has been extremely motivating as everyone is doing their best to create the best game they can.