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Interns & Graduates



1) Can you tell us more about your experience as part of the Ubisoft GP?

I didn’t know much about this program when I started working at Ubisoft, and after reading more about it I was super excited and very grateful to be a part of it. After the welcome calls, my first real experience with the Ubisoft GP was the networking sessions. Asking questions and hearing about the experience of accomplished Ubisoft employees was not only highly informative but also inspiring and motivating, especially for a junior programmer like me. One of my favourite parts of this program was the sharing calls and the induction seminar. I absolutely loved tuning in and learning about a bunch of different aspects of working in the industry, some topics I wouldn’t have thought of digging into on my own. Every presentation was also incredibly well crafted, and you could tell the speaker was passionate about the subject and their work.

2) What makes the Ubisoft GP different from a regular first job?

You really feel like they care about helping you kickstart your career and they are rounding up a lot of resources and people to achieve that goal. It’s also a very comprehensive program, allowing you to realize how large the videogame industry really is and then guiding you through your first steps in it.

3) Which achievement are you the proudest since you started the Ubisoft GP?

Involving myself more in the studio, especially the time I went with Ubisoft Education to answer questions at an event for young girls in science and technology.

4) What’s it like to work at Ubisoft?

Just as fun as it sounds like! I like that I’m learning something new every day, and the atmosphere at the studio is great. Everyone is incredibly talented and passionate about the work they’re doing here, which is the best environment to evolve in.