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Interns & Graduates



1) Can you tell us more about your experience as part of the Ubisoft GP?

As a Junior UX designer at Ubisoft, I started to work in different Riders Republic teams, and I had the chance to learn game development processes widely from day one. To my mind, the graduate program offer is a very good support to help us to understand the Ubisoft ecosystem and ramp up our skills thanks to the resources offered such as the many insightfull conferences and meetings.

2) What makes the Ubisoft GP different from a regular first job?

When you join the Ubisoft GP, you have the chance to discover and grow with diverse people who share the same passion: video games. Meeting other new graduates, discovering different studio cultures, learning from alumni are very precious moments which help you start your journey at Ubisoft.

3) Which achievement are you the proudest since you started the Ubisoft GP?

I would say it is still early to tell! I just started the graduate program 2 months ago and for now I feel like a UX padawan!

4) What’s it like to work at Ubisoft?

To me, working at Ubisoft feels like to belonging to an international community in which you can feel connected even if you are in different studios separated by thousands of km! And locally, it’s a vibrant experience everyday thank’s to our workplace teams who offer us time shared Studio Jam and activities.