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Interns & Graduates

Annie | Game and UX Designer, Toronto


- What is your advice to prospective candidates?

Whenever you play games, ask yourself "What did they do well? What didn't they do well? How would I improve this game if given the opportunity? What can I learn from playing this game that I can apply to projects I work on?"

- What do you enjoy the most in your job?

The opportunity to work with and more importantly, learn from mentors who have lots of experience in the industry. I'm fortunate to have managers that are not only great people, but also care a lot about my growth as a designer and are there to help me improve every day.

- What are your biggest achievements so far and what are you the most proud of?

I'm proud to know that when the games I work on hit the shelves, I will see it in stores and think "Hey I worked on that. There's a little bit of me in that game.

- How did you find the selection process?

The selection process was quite challenging, but don't feel discouraged. Do some research, get ready to answer various questions, and be yourself!