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Interns & Graduates

Anmol | Online Programmer, Toronto


- Can you tell us more about your experience as part of the Ubisoft Graduate Program?

It has been intense, no doubt, but also very rewarding. I had to overcome a steep learning curve to be able to proactively contribute to our project. It is a big project; our team is made of hundreds of developers. I think I’ve been quite enthusiastic about making contributions to our project- I hit the ground running on day one and had my first ever contributions to a AAA title within a few days. I think this highlights the best part about the Graduate program – everybody encourages you to do your best so that you can push your limits. It has been quite different from my previous work experience in this respect. I believe I have been given important responsibilities, and that I have made an impact on our project. I’ve been working as an online programmer, and I’ve been spending part of my time punching down learning goals that I set for myself at the start of the program. I’ve also been learning a lot about the industry from seminars and other events that are part of the program. It has been an amazing experience so far.

- What makes the Ubisoft GP different from a regular first job?

The Graduate Program has a lot to offer besides a regular first job. It is a very thorough introduction to the games industry. The induction seminar is a three-day introduction to Ubisoft and the industry. It is held at the Ubisoft HQ in Paris, and it is the first time one gets to meet other graduates in their class. This year, we had the opportunity to discover the exciting work being done within Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab. I expect that my second year in the program at another Ubisoft studio (and another project) will present me with even more opportunities to learn, contribute, and grow as a developer. I’ll also be living in another country for a year, which is very exciting (I’m a bit of a hodophile). We also have a monthly sharing call where graduates across the world connect and are presented with more content. I have been given the opportunity and time to do more learning on the job, and I believe this is an effective way of honing future developers, who will earn a well-rounded approach to their work by the end of the program.

- Which achievement are you the proudest since you started the Ubisoft Graduate Program?

My first contribution to our project during my first week at Ubisoft Toronto was a memorable one. It was the first time I realized that my work would forever become a part of a AAA game. I’ve been an avid gamer since I can remember, and it means a lot for me to be able to contribute to something that has an impact on gamers around the world.

- What’s it like to work at Ubisoft?

Working at Ubisoft has been a great experience. Our team dynamic is very good, and it has been easy to make my opinions and ideas heard. I’ve been given the freedom to choose my solutions to problems. This has helped me trust my ability to contribute effectively, and it has motivated me to learn better with an elevated sense of responsibility. The benefits are good, and the studio ensures that its employees have a good work-life balance. The people at the studio are very approachable, and it is very easy to interact with them because of the open office plan. Everybody is very passionate about their work, and it is very interesting to witness how other parts of the project are developed. There are many events at the studio that will provide you with the opportunity to meet and interact with other people working on different projects. We also have the chance to make time for our hobbies, with so many clubs at the studio, it is very easy to find people with similar interests.