Ubisoft Coding Campus is an international career accelerator, specialized in Online Programming, in one of the most dynamic industries: video games.

During 6 months, you will go from zero to hero, with the help of Ubisoft online programming experts as mentors and specialized teachers from top computer science universities. The programme is focusing on building a series of contexts that replicate first hand experiences, which a typical online programmer would encounter in a project, during a structured accelerated learning process.

At the end of the course, you are guaranteed a job. You will relocate to one of the Ubisoft studios participating in the programme - Annecy, Bucharest, Montpellier, Paris, Quebec, Helsinki (Redlynx), Toronto , Singapore and continue as a full-time Online Programmer.

All you need to join the Ubisoft Coding Campus is passion for video games, knowledge of any programming language, problem solving skills and eagerness to learn and evolve quickly. 


Ubisoft Coding Campus is your way into a young, yet complex field. With all games now being connected, online has become a core challenge in gaming. This means that you will work on game modes and features that did not exist until recently and there is still a lot of room where you can experiment and innovate. You will feed your problem solving hunger, providing the best solutions to the game.

As a core member of the game development team, the online programmer:

·        Powers the interaction between millions of players, by ensuring that they can be simultaneously immersed in a seamless and rich game experience.

·        Works with a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, such as Docker, Kubernetes, AWS and others, using both relational and noSQL databases.

·        Works in complex network environments, with an impressive infrastructure.

·        Creates, integrates and maintains game‑related online services.

·        Determines systems behavior under a variety of conditions.

·        Is key in the game launch and is involved in the live phase of the game after the launch. 


The course is based on a set of experiences encountered by Ubisoft’s experts during their projects, compressed in an accelerated learning process. You will go through the complete process of developing an online video game and learn how to tackle different challenges. 

You will start with a 2D shooter, adding multiplayer gameplay features and online services, such as leaderboards or matchmaking. You will learn to scale these services for millions of players by choosing the right solutions, to use or develop specific techniques and technologies, store, access, monitor and analyze different data.

Module 1: Gaming concepts & components

Module 2: Networking and Multiplayer concepts & components

Module 3: Online concepts & components

Module 4: Ubisoft frameworks and tools


 Ubisoft mentors

·        Antti Mannisto - Studio Technical Director, Ubisoft RedLynx (Helsinki)

·        Bashar Taha – Lead Online Programmer,

·        Catalin Alexandru, Studio Trade Director – Programming, Ubisoft Bucharest

·        Christopher Dickson - Online Technical Lead, Ubisoft Toronto

·        Horia Pintilie - TG&TGO Director, Ubisoft Bucharest

·        Ievgeniia Gonchar - Associate Producer, Ubisoft Kiev

·        Jonathan Pavlou – Lead Online Programmer, Ubisoft Annecy

·        Joseph Gregoire - Online Technical Director, Ubisoft Paris

·        Olivier Cado – Expert Network Programmer, Ubisoft Montpellier

·        Roland Kindermann – Mobile Technical Director, Ubisoft RedLynx (Helsinki)

·        Sergii Zizov - Senior Programmer, Ubisoft Kiev

·        Valentin Adam - Lead Online Programmer, Ubisoft Bucharest

·        Victor Prodan - Expert Online Programmer, Ubisoft Bucharest 

4 university teachers


As a student in the Ubisoft Code Campus, you will benefit from a monthly salary, paid in the form of a scholarship.


 Annecy, Bucharest, Montpellier, Paris, Quebec, Helsinki (Redlynx), Toronto , Singapore .