Ubisoft Graduate Program - Bertrand's life in Ubisoft Singapore!

Been hearing a lot of buzz about the Ubisoft Graduate Program and wondering what life is like as a Graduate? Wondering if you have what it takes to grab this prestigious opportunity?

Been hearing a lot of buzz about the Ubisoft Graduate Program and wondering what life is like as a Graduate? Wondering if you have what it takes to grab this prestigious opportunity?

Meet Bertrand Tortel, a graduate from the Ubisoft Paris Studio! Like all graduates in this program, Bertrand gets to spend his 2nd working year in another studio, and he had the opportunity to join Ubisoft Singapore. Hear what Bertrand has to say about this program, our studio and his job! 

Interview with Bertrand Tortel

Hey Bertrand, you're finally here! Describe your first week in Singapore!

My first week in Singapore was pretty actually pretty regular, apart from the big temperature shock, of course! Getting used to the city was easier because I had already visited Singapore several years ago. I already knew some cool places here. And getting accustomed to the new pace of life here was not an issue at all, to my surprise. Singapore is actually a more relaxed city to live in than I expected!What is your role here in Singapore? Is it different from what you did in Paris?

My title is the same (Junior Project Coordinator), but my role is quite different because I now work on a different part of the project! I’m handling a totally new scope of production - from a code/gameplay team to a designer/world production team. It’s a very fresh new experience.

How have your mentor and team here helped you grow?

They have given me a lot of examples of the different collaborations they’ve done before to illustrate how things are usually done in this studio. 
Every day, they would share with me their experiences from handling past projects (in both the video games industry and other industries). This experience is very valuable to me and I can grow faster.

How would you describe the Singapore studio (culture, vibe, people)?

The Singapore studio is amazing as the team is way more multi-cultural than anywhere else I’ve worked at. It’s so incredible to see people from so many diverse backgrounds gather, share their talent and make something spectacular together.

Ubisoft Singapore has a very good vibe - people are warm, friendly and open-minded. It’s a real pleasure to work here.

Any interesting stories to share from the time you’ve been here so far?

One of my best experiences in Singapore so far would be the weekend I went to St John’s Island with my colleagues. There’s a very interesting employee club in our studio called “Don’t Say Bo Jio” and they’re a group of energetic devs who go on trips (near and far) and do exciting things together. I joined them and got to visit this beautiful paradise with a perfect view of the Singapore Skyline.

I also love hanging out at the BluJazz cafe on Arab St (a very colorful and European part of Singapore). I went to a New Orleans brass band concert there once and it definitely had one of the best ambiances I had ever experienced in a small café.

Regarding food, the discovery of both Xia Long Bao and Honey Chicken are two of my most pleasant surprises here. I also managed to tour Bali, Thailand and all these amazing destinations close to Singapore. But my favourite has to be Malacca – I loved this quaint, beautiful Malaysian town.

What advice do you have for someone aspiring to join the Ubisoft Graduate Program?

Be yourself and show us how passionate you are! Be dedicated to what you do and work very hard. And if you want to know the requirements and details, check out this chart. Good luck!