Julia Chourgnoz-Villano

12-month internship in Marketing at Ubisoft EMEA HQ


What is your background?

I just obtained my Master at Sciences Po Paris, after five years of studies there and a gap year. I found my professional path (Marketing) during my exchange at McGill University, in my third year at Sciences Po, where I spent eight months. After a first internship at L'Oréal, I joined Ubisoft, and it confirmed my desire to work in the Entertainment industry.

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

There were so many! During two six-month internships at Ubisoft, I worked on eleven projects! Ranging from some of the biggest games like Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 5, For Honor, Steep, to the smaller ones like Trackmania-Lagoon and also working on the VR catalog. I would say that working on For Honor was the most exciting because it was a real marketing challenge (new license, original genre)!

What did you learn during your internship?

Lots of things! I discovered the job of Brand Manager in the video game industry and I sharpened my attention to detail. I have been able to integrate industry-specific processes, and I have been involved in both product launch and ad strategies. More than anything else at Ubisoft, I learnt to have more self-confidence, thanks to the responsibilities I had, and I was able to draw more clearly the portrait of the manager that I want to be tomorrow.

Why would you recommend this internship at Ubisoft to other students?

Above all, Ubisoft is a passion - the video game and its worlds - and therefore it is a group of passionate people. That alone already creates a great atmosphere. During my internships at Ubisoft, I was given more responsibilities than what an intern should have, and I loved it! Seeing my managers empowering me was great! I was also able to work on so many different projects, so I never got bored. You happen to work and meet with lots of people, which makes it a lot about teamwork and coordination. It helps you to build a real professional network.

In your opinion, which qualities are required to succeed as an intern at Ubisoft?

The thirst for learning, because there is so much to learn about this industry; curiosity and interest, in the tasks and responsibilities you have; proactivity is what, in the end, will make the difference between a good candidate and a very good candidate. Being able to demonstrate you know and master the processes in order to guess and anticipate what you need to do next.