Anne Sophie Vermare

6-month internship in Procurement at Ubisoft International Production HQ



What is your background? 

After a bachelor's degree, I started a master at the EM Lyon Business School where I chose to major in the Procurement field after a first internship in an art gallery in California. I also had experiences as an intern within the procurement department of Solvay during my gap year. My internship at Ubisoft was my final internship before graduating!

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

I had the opportunity to work on multiple projects during my internship in the Procurement department of Ubisoft! I mainly worked on procurement for Ubisoft workplaces but also on the PES perimeter (Production External Services). The most exciting project for me was the construction of the new building for the studio of Montpellier. It was a huge project where many people were involved. For my part, I participated in the kick off of the project: drafting requirements’ specification, sourcing companies, managing relations with architects before launching the tender procedure!

What did you learn during your internship?

The internship at Ubisoft enabled me to acquire specific skills on all procurement processes thanks to the various projects and the increasing amount of responsibilities as the internship progressed. More broadly, the Ubisoft experience allowed me to discover a different company, where the spirit of collaboration is predominant. I had the opportunity to work with different people from different disciplines and perspectives while always remaining flexible and open to what each project brought.

Why would you recommend this internship at Ubisoft to other students?

The work atmosphere at Ubisoft is unique! There are many events that bring us together around video games. This specific atmosphere is very encouraging and is a source of motivation each day. It creates an optimal internship experience in a truly rewarding environment. It's hard to get bored and it's a good thing!

In your opinion, which qualities are required to succeed as an intern at Ubisoft?

Flexibility and curiosity! It is a constantly changing environment in which we have to work on projects so diverse that it is important to remain flexible and open to the many options available to us. And to be more efficient, I think it is important to always be curious in order to find the best solutions.