As part of the production team, you play a critical role translating the vision of the game into a comfortable experience for the player. You help build a consistent immersive player experience. You will have an impact on gamefeel, Game Design, UI design, and playtest. UX spans a wide variety of universes and genres – VR, online, multiplayer – offering you countless challenges and opportunities to innovate.



You will have the chance to hone your skills in different UX disciplines by working closely with senior professionals from various trades. During the two-year program, your growing responsibilities will enable you to explore a wide range of topics. Depending on the production stage of your projects, you may contribute to building world logic, suggest features improvements that enhance game design, create tools that help teams better understand their target users, or implement new playtesting methods. When you move to a new studio and team in year two, you will learn new work methods and consolidate the knowledge you acquired first-hand from experts you met.

*Examples of missions: make the connection between UI and game design teams, analyze game content to identify the player experiences’ issues and solve them, prepare playtests and analyze players data, deliver ViewModels and page flows for specific gameplay sequences, develop UX monitoring tools, etc.


  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Game design, Interaction design / Human Computer Interactions / Ergonomics, Cognitive sciences, Gameplay programming or equivalent with less than 1 year of experience (excluding internships)
  • Game design and art skills
  • UI & ergonomic understanding
  • Interest in cognitive sciences
  • Interest in programming and all topics related to technology
  • Strong interest for user-centered design and player experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Creative mindset

As a Ubisoft Graduate, you will benefit from a full-time contract in your home studio the first year and with a studio abroad for the second year.

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