5 Tips From Our Recruiter

Alex Lim, recruiter at Ubisoft Singapore shares 5 tips to help you begin a career in the video game industry



Since opening in 2008, Ubisoft Singapore has become a premier studio in the Southeast Asian region and talents from all around the world have come to join our multicultural team of 300 people. Our past projects range from the online game, Ghost Recon Phantoms, to AAA action-adventure franchises like Assassin’s Creed. Our recruiter, Alex Lim, gives 5 great tips that can help you start a career with us.

1. I’m going to bust this myth: you don’t have to be a gamer! While having an interest in gaming is a plus, this is definitely not the only criteria we look for in a resume. In fact, our staff is mixed with both casual and hardcore gamers. After all, we are making games that appeal to millions of gamers with different profiles and play styles so we need to be accessible.

2. Learn more about us before applying. If you are knowledgeable about our company, it gives you an edge during interviews or even when you meet us face to face at our public events. Look us up on our social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. These are great ways to better understand our culture and the past projects we have worked on. Plus, you can get the latest news on which game conventions and career fairs we will be present at.

3. It’s cool to stay in school, but that isn’t the end. Beyond having a good degree, an individual needs to take initiative and be inclined to work with a large team of people. Boost your resume with external references, a great portfolio or a video demo of what you can do! We are always impressed with people who have a never-say-die attitude.

4. Be open-minded. We are looking for people with experience working with different types of people and job functions. We have 31 nationalities, so it really is a melting pot here. Furthermore, our development teams consist of artists, programmers, game designers, marketing, project management, and many more job lines – so you really need to understand what these different people do in order to work with them well.

5. Search the right courses to start your journey in video games. Understand why you want to join video games and from there, plan which schools you would like to attend. Our studio has close collaborations with the local tertiary institutions like DiGiPen, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Management University, Singapore Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic. You should enquire more with these schools on the courses available and how you can benefit from our partnerships to get your foot in the door.