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Breaking the Bias at Ubisoft Philippines


Did you know? More than half of our team members in leadership roles are women.

As a duly-certified Great Place to Work™, our studio is home to some of the most talented and creative women in the industry – strong female leads and team members who choose to break the bias and make kick-ass games.

So this March, as we celebrate International Women's Day and the Philippines' National Women's Month, we put the spotlight on our female talent, shared their stories and collectively expressed our support for a bigger and safer space for women in game development.

#WomenofUbiPH Features

Game development is still a predominantly male industry.

That's why it's important to challenge gender-related bias and show what kind of careers are possible in a work environment that values diversity and provides equal opportunities.

This is what the #WomenofUbiPH campaign is all about – to not just affirm that there's equal space for women in game dev but also that there's a multitude of exciting career paths to take.

3d artist ubisoft philippines

hr manager ubisoft philippines

From Technical Level Design to Concept Art to Workplace, there's plenty of choices for female talent in Ubisoft. In bite-sized Q&As we asked some of the women of the studio to share more about their expertise and what their proudest moments in Ubisoft are.

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Meet Our Devs: Kate, Concept Artist

For our Women’s Month-edition of Meet Our Devs, our studio’s podcast-style AMA (Ask me Anything), we sat down with Kate Cruz, one of our concept artists working on Skull & Bones.

photo women ubisoft philippines

It was a chance to highlight her journey, from a freelancer jumping from one exciting job to another to working full-time on one of Ubisoft’s most anticipated releases – and an original IP at that!

She shared some valuable words of wisdom on personal growth: “It’s all about being open to change. Before, the way I approached Concept Art was how I saw it in its final product. I refused to use photos and 3D – I thought these were cheating. But at the end of the day, the job entails us to share ideas. That’s why it’s called Concept Art – ideas we have to share with the Art Directors. So if it means having to use tools to get our messages across more clearly and effectively, then why not?”

She also talked about staying creative and improving yourself outside of work by pursuing fun personal projects with friends.

Fun fact: Kate is a member of our studio’s Diversity & Inclusion Council, a group composed entirely of volunteer employees. Since last year, she has been actively organizing events for Pride, Women’s Month, and our Colorblind Initiative, among others.

Art Jam: Damsels vs. Distress

Art Jam has been more or less an annual tradition here in Ubisoft Philippines. This year we wanted to make it especially meaningful.

damsel vs distress

As a way to express support to the Women's Month celebration, team members created art based on the theme "Damsels vs. Distress".

True to the name, the theme was all about empowerment, depicting strength and courage amidst gender-related bias and other challenges women face in game dev and society at large.

image jeux video 1 Screencap of an animation by Ave Espelita

image jeux video 2 Preview shot of entry by JN Dizon

image jeux video 3 Joshua Pedron

image jeux video 4 Dominic Barrios

Women’s Night 2022

On International Women’s Day, our female team members gathered together for one special evening filled with heartfelt messages, fun games and good laughs.

It was a way for everyone to bond together and let each one know that there is a supportive, inclusive community in the studio.

This is a community built on trust and understanding, where it’s okay to be yourself. Everyone is unique and there’s always something to be learned from each other.

ubisoft philippines womens

While March is coming to a close, the studio will continue to pioneer efforts in diversity and inclusion. Our D&I council continues to be active in leading new employee-led initiatives.

We aim to inspire and learn from everyone in taking bigger steps towards a more inclusive game dev industry.

Happy Women’s Month!