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(June 28, 2020) For this year’s Children’s Day event, Ubisoft Chengdu called upon our teams to donate toys, books, and kids’ clothing for children in need in Sichuan. We sourced a charity located in Ya’an, about a 2-hour drive away from Chengdu, who takes care of children whose parents could no longer look after them.

We set up “donation areas” in each of our studio floors and put up posters advertising the event. We also sent out an email containing information about the charity, so that our colleagues would know who the toys or books would go to. Three days after launching the campaign, our studio started to fill up, some areas even overflowed with donations!

We were overwhelmed by such a positive response and couldn’t wait to send the donations to the charity. On June 1st, we closed collection and gathered all contributions. We filled 5 large boxes with toys, books and educational materials, and collected over 11kg of children’s clothes.

The boxes were then labeled and ready to go! To help us with distribution, we contacted a local organization that would either distribute them to children in need across China or recycle them.

Finally came the day we were waiting for – when the kids would receive their gifts! The charity sent us photos of the unboxing as soon as they received it; it was a comfort to see children’s smiles!

With the success of this year’s event, we hope it will open more doors to CSR related activities and events in the future, as it is a cause close to our heart. Initiatives such as making the studio greener, supporting women in games, as well as always looking for ways to give back to the community are among our main ambitions going forward.