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No Tricks, All Treats: Halloween Family Day at Ubisoft Philippines


Halloween is the spookiest time of the year at Ubisoft Philippines. The decors and costumes never disappoint. Then there's the sweets, which we honestly can’t get enough of.

So we thought, what better way to celebrate than to invite our kids and family over for trick or treat?

The only requirement was that they come in their best and cutest attires.

Halloween 1 with text

Halloween 2 with text

Halloween 3 with text

Pinoy Party Games

Of course, Family Day wouldn’t be complete without games and prizes for the kids. So we had everyone line up for some Filipino games like Tumbang Preso, musical chairs, and red light-green light.

Halloween 4 with text

Halloween 5 with text

Halloween Town Hall

Now that was the kids. What about the team? True to Ubisoft Philippines tradition, team members upped the ante. We reached a whole new level of fun surprises.

Halloween 6 with text

Halloween 7 with text

Halloween 8 with text

Halloween 9 with text