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Get to Know Ubisoft RedLynx, a Studio Centered Around Multi-Platform Game Creation


By: Jessica Sandifer

Located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland, a city that is consistently ranked happiest in the world, Ubisoft RedLynx is a game development studio originally founded in 2000. Today, a diverse team of around 150 developers, creatives, and business professionals from over 20 different nationalities work together and in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios around the world to create meaningful gaming experiences across console, PC, and mobile platforms. The original home of the Trials franchise, Ubisoft RedLynx has developed and published more than 100 titles since its founding, and regularly contributes to Ubisoft’s AAA titles.

Learn more about Ubisoft RedLynx’s ongoing projects and meet Senior Graphics Programmer Beatrix Aaltoniemi and Lead Audio Designer Denis Zlobin, who tell us more about life at the studio.


Breaking Boundaries Through Top Technology

Ubisoft RedLynx is perhaps best known for creating the celebrated 2.5D motorcycle videogame series Trials, most recently with Trials Rising, as well as the mobile game South Park: Phone Destroyer. Currently, Ubisoft RedLynx teams are collaborating on upcoming major releases, including Rainbow Six Siege Mobile and The Division Heartland, as well as unannounced projects.

With a long-standing specialty in multiplayer and live games, RedLynx also stands out for its work developing both mobile and HD games. The teams at Ubisoft RedLynx work with multiple game technologies and always experiment with new approaches in their projects. In order to promote this experimentation and foster creativity, the studio organizes internal game jams and pitching sessions, where any team member is welcome to pitch their idea to the entire studio.

And while developing games is at the core of Ubisoft RedLynx’s ambitions, the studio also works on some of the cutting-edge technology that will power the games of tomorrow. Ubisoft RedLynx is home to a team collaborating on Ubisoft Scalar, a cloud computing technology that allows for a virtually unlimited amount of power, running everything from virtual worlds of unprecedented scale and depth to vastly detailed simulations.

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Getting Involved in the Local Community & Building a Better Industry

Ubisoft RedLynx has a history of involvement with the Finnish game community and cultivates a culture that is founded in learning and knowledge sharing, both internally and locally.

In 2022, the studio sponsored and attended many industry gatherings, where team members participated by giving speeches on diverse topics. One such involvement includes the participation in the local chapter of the International Game Development Association (IGDA). As the world’s largest nonprofit membership organization for those working in game creation and development, the IGDA advances careers, promotes professional development, and advocates for the interests of game developers worldwide. At one of these sessions last year, a Ubisoft RedLynx team member gave a talk about game prototyping and its pitfalls, and gave tips on avoiding them.

Some like to volunteer in their free time, as well. One great example is their Senior Concept Artist Vaidas Bagonas, who can often be found at the local youth center teaching art courses to kids.

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In addition to speaking at events, studio team members also host student groups and sponsor causes that are important to them, including Helsinki’s Pride celebrations. The studio sponsored 2022’s Pride Game Jam, a 4-day hybrid event hosted by Finnish Game Jam, a non-profit association founded to organize game jam events. This event had the goal to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community by creating a safe space where participants could create art, music, and, of course, games, to freely express their gender, sexual, and romantic experiences.

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Time to Celebrate, the Helsinki Way

Ubisoft RedLynx loves to celebrate Finland’s cultures and traditions for its international team members. In the winter, team members gather to go sledding in the surrounding snowy hills and enjoy “laskiaispulla,” a traditional dessert. In the summer, team members enjoy the long daylight hours and attend crayfish parties, a traditional late summer celebration.

Back at the studio, one of the week’s highlights is the “Pulla” town hall every Thursday afternoon, gathering the entire team together to hear updates from team members and taste a different pastry.

And in addition to boasting talented and fun-loving human team members, Ubisoft RedLynx also has a community of office dogs. If you ever have the pleasure of being on video call with someone from the studio, there are good chances you’ll be able to spot a dog in the background!


Beatrix Aaltoniemi has been working in the game industry for over eight years and has been at Ubisoft RedLynx for two. As a Senior Graphics Programmer, she is working on The Division Heartland, in collaboration with Ubisoft Red Storm. Denis Zlobin, Lead Audio Designer, spearheads the Ubisoft Redlynx audio team working on both HD and mobile titles. He’s been working at the studio for six years and has a penchant for working on projects with large learning opportunities, such as The Division Heartland, Trials Rising, and South Park: Phone Destroyer.

What inspires you about working with the teams at Ubisoft RedLynx?

BA: The enthusiasm and creativity! I like the friendly and diverse environment – I’ve felt welcomed from day one! We also have great clubs, like Just Dance, board games, Magic the Gathering, and Mahjong, and we’ve created our own band.

I love developing games in general because I get to work with people from all fields of game creation. So many of them are excited about their areas of expertise and are always ready to share their knowledge.

DZ: At Ubisoft RedLynx, we combine things that appear difficult to match. Even though we have various outlets like HD, mobile, collaborative projects – and so many of our own projects happening in parallel – I still know every team member by their name. I believe this environment allows for the most unexpected synergies.

If you had to show a new arrival your favorite thing at the studio on their first day, where would you take them?

BA: I’d take them for a coffee in our open area. This way, they’d get to meet all the cool people in the office as they come to grab their breakfast!

DZ: One of the audio rooms, of course!

What’s the best internal studio event you participated in?

BA: Our annual Future Session is always a great internal event. Each year, team members gather for a full afternoon of exciting updates from different projects. Not only is this a great way for everyone inside the studio to stay updated, but it also serves as great inspiration and motivation for our continuous innovation! With the COVID-19 pandemic and work-from-home, they are important moments when we can all come together.

DZ: There’s been so many that it’s difficult to pick one. The Trials Rising launch party was a great time and we had an actual trial bike performance on site. Our studio trip to Gamescom in 2018 was also amazing. The recent Future session 2023 was both insightful and fun at the same time!

What is your favorite way to foster teamwork among your fellow team members?

DZ: I try to bring as much clarity as possible by clearly answering all the “whys” and staying open. Then I try to identify the obstacles and find a way to break them.

Can you describe the vibe of the RedLynx studio in one word?

BA: Inspiring!

DZ: Vigorous!

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Want to Join? Ubisoft RedLynx is always looking for more talented people to join the team and work to bring console, PC, and mobile game development under one roof.

Learn more about Ubisoft Redlynx’s career opportunities on our jobs page.

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