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A Greener Future at Ubisoft Philippines


At Ubisoft, we believe in creating more than just immersive gaming experiences -- we are committed to safeguarding the planet that inspires our digital worlds.

This is especially true for our team in the Philippines, a country known for its rich biodiversity and stunning natural landscapes.

Here in the studio, we have taken a proactive and collaborative approach. From a massively successful e-waste drive to a unique Earth Hour celebration, we have continuously found ways to inspire team members to take action for the environment.

Together, this is how we're working towards a greener future.

THE GREEN COMMITTEE a.k.a. the BerDevs!

At the heart of our strategy is a dedicated committee composed entirely of volunteer employees. Lovingly called the "BerDevs" (which is a pun on the Filipino word for green, "berde"), the committee spearheads campaigns that raise awareness on climate change and encourage team members to play their part.

"It’s amazing how our shared passion for the environment brought us together. I’m happy that we’re able to build a workplace that values sustainability and fosters a sense of collective responsibility among our team”, said Vina, the Committee Chairperson who also happens to be our studio’s Workplace Manager.

Greener Future 2

The committee was formed as part of Ubisoft's Play Green initiative, which is a long-term commitment to global carbon neutrality. The plan is (1) to reduce our carbon footprint by decarbonizing our operations and (2) to inspire team members and communities by raising awareness and encouraging positive action for the environment.

With these goals in mind, the BerDevs set out on their first project, a campaign that focused on a topic close to gaming -- e-waste -- and what the studio can do to help reduce and recycle.


Electronic waste or e-waste refers to unwanted and non-working electronic products. The rising number of e-waste pose a threat to the environment because they fill up landfill sites and risk the spread of toxic chemicals, among others.

The drive was a way to address this on a local level, while also giving the team a chance to declutter their homes. It's a win-win!

Team members were encouraged to bring old home appliances, broken phones, PC parts and other unwanted electronic products.

What a sight it was seeing people bring items of all shapes and sizes -- from microwaves to big-screen TVs.

Greener Future 3

Greener Future 4

Team members who turn in and register their items receive points, which in turn translate to raffle entries for vouchers and other items -- including a special Ubisoft Sunflower Growkit!

Greener Future 5

All the collected e-waste will be taken by a certified hauler, and the proceeds will be donated to a local community to help with their livelihood program or environmental initiatives.

Not only were we able to reduce e-waste and declutter, but we will also be able to provide for a community in need.


Besides the e-waste drive and other upcoming programs, the BerDevs continue to be on the lookout for more innovative ways to engage the team and create a more environmentally friendly workplace. Last April’s Earth Hour provided just the opportunity.

We thought of adding our own twist to the celebration. Instead of just unplugging from our workstations, why not do something in the Ubisoft spirit and play games?

After all, we have all the off-screen fun we can have thanks to the studio’s board games, courtesy of our game library!

Greener Future 6

Greener Future 7

Earth Hour became a great way to check out which games we haven’t tried out yet and bond over some delicious healthy salad wraps.

The experience was a nice reminder that choosing to save the planet can be one fun choice indeed.


The new initiatives add to our growing number of day-to-day practices such as a studio-wide ban on single use plastics, energy conservation during non-work hours, and meticulous waste segregation.

Greener Future 8

As we move forward, the BerDevs and the entire team at Ubisoft Philippines remain committed to champion sustainability, raise awareness, and make a positive impact on our environment.

Together, we will continue to strive for a greener future, where our digital creations and the preservation of our planet go hand in hand.