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CAPITÃO faction


Area Denial, Flank, Front Line


Use a glass bolt to deliver a swift and silent assault against hostiles without alerting them to your position. The glass cartridge breaks on impact releasing a gas that ignites the oxygen in the surrounding area. Deliver swift and agile assaults without alerting your opponents of your position.


Primary Weapon




Light Machine Gun

Secondary Weapon






Unique Ability

Tactical Crossbow

Real Name
Vicente Souza
Date of Birth
November 17th (Age 49)
Place of Birth
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Nova Iguaçu)


“Focusing only on the bad things in life will keep you from seeing the many opportunities to do good.”

The youngest of three children, Souza was raised in Nova Iguaçu, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. The murder of his older brother by drug dealers prompted Souza to join the Polícia Militar, where he was trained in a wide range of tactical weapons and breaching strategies. During a raid against a crime cartel, Souza was ambushed and taken hostage. Despite the loss of an eye and other brutal treatment, his inner resolve kept him alive for two months before he was rescued. Believing Souza perfectly embodied their motto, Victory over Death, and given his urban warfare experience, Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE) recruited him into their ranks following his recovery. He has become a renowned expert in the organization and psychological behavior of criminal gangs, and his fight to end drug crime has put a cartel bounty on his head.

Psychological report

For all of the descriptions of what makes Specialist Vicente “Capitão” Souza an excellent operator – dedicated, focused, analytical – at his heart he is a family man. Every step of every decision reinforces his commitment to protecting his family and making their world safer.

Raised in a close-knit community, he extends that tradition to his own three children. It’s hardly surprising he never got over the trauma of losing his older brother. He named his eldest son in honor of him, and they often share stories to keep his memory alive. Souza’s favorite moments are when his house is crowded with family, and the quiet, safe surroundings he’s created in his own home give him a chance to relax his guard, knowing that they’re all within his reach and protected. […] He admitted that he doesn’t trust his children’s friends, yet he also worries that he can be too overbearing. It sounds like he raised them to be smart about how they live their lives, though I suspect the fear of losing them will always be more intense for him than for other parents with less tragic pasts. […]

Since there was talk of removing him from the field following his capture and mutilation, I thought it best we discuss how he feels about that ordeal, long ago though it may now be. It wasn’t something I wanted to bring up during our first meeting, so I reserved it for subsequent discussions. What’s clear is that it shaped him. Souza is dedicated to justice and protecting those who cannot protect themselves. It’s made him relentless. At any given moment he is deciphering every aspect of how these gangs function in order to find a weakness. It’s a daunting task that one member of law enforcement can’t fix alone. […]

His incomparable resolve and years of unique experiences make him a valuable asset for any team, but it’s crucial that he maintains some distance between his role as a protector and his sense of self. We need to be understanding, but we also need to ensure that he remains grounded.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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