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Glaz faction


Back Line, Covering Fire, Soft Breach


Glaz is a back-line marksman, capable of soft breaching and providing covering fire from a distance.

Glaz is capable of ranged shooting through his unique scope ability: HDS Flipsight.


Primary Weapon


Marksman Rifle

Secondary Weapon




Hand Cannon


Smoke Grenade

Frag Grenade

Unique Ability

Flip Sight

Real Name
Timur Glazkov
Date of Birth
July 2nd (Age 30)
Place of Birth
Vladivostok, Russia


“Imagination keeps you alive. It’s how you find your way out of the dark. That, and a flashlight.”

Timur “Glaz” Glazkov’s formidable skill as a sniper served him well within Spetsnaz. He has an exceptional talent for observation and attention to detail. Glazkov grew up in the seaport city of Vladivostok, where he studied art.

In 2004, militants took a school hostage in Beslan resulting in the deaths of numerous people, including children. This motivated Glaz to join the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation. While training at the prestigious Khabarovsk Military Commanders Academy he developed unparalleled marksmanship and was immediately recruited into the 45th Guards Regiment. Assigned to special ops and VIP protection detail, reports consistently show that Glaz possesses a unique creative approach to problem-solving. He is the squad member with the most expertise in long-range scoped weaponry.

Psychological report

What stands out about Specialist Timur “Glaz” Glazkov is his wit. It’s surprising from someone so intensely focused during operations. He won’t share his gallows humor with me because he says a civilian wouldn’t understand, and he may be right about that. Still, I find him engaging in our discussions. […]

Glazkov possesses many traits expected of a highly-trained marksman and field reports demonstrate his knack for improvising in tough situations. His ability to deconstruct complex concepts on the fly likely comes from his artistic sensibilities. […] I asked what his influences were when he was studying since Vladivostok was quite remote back then. As Glazkov’s father worked in shipping, he had access to plenty of bootleg music and books. […] His paintings are vibrant -- expressive. They’re more than an escape, perhaps a spiritual cleansing or a depiction of how he perceives suffering, but I’m far from a qualified art critic. […]

He grew up in the Far East, and his exercises at the Academy included cross-border training with China. His knowledge of Mandarin and China’s culture should prove useful. […] The rest of his upbringing seems typical: Getting into trouble, getting himself out again. Early operational reports are – let’s say a tad thin. And while he’s clearly self-aware, he’s not willing to discuss much with me. […]

Glazkov is well-respected by his team. His humor and observational skills make him tolerant of personality extremes and he seems to be among the few operators who strategizes well with Vicente “Capitão” Souza. He laughs when Alexsandr “Tachanka” Senaviev tells him it’s because he too almost lost an eye. […]

The mark on his right eye – a scar – is from weapon kick, though his smile leads me to believe that’s not the whole story. I’ve noticed he subconsciously rubs it when he’s bothered. It may be nothing, or it may be his “tell,” if how he plays poker with the FBI SWAT contingent is anything to go by.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Tips


Look out for spawn peeks or aggressive defenders, they will stand out in your scope in bright yellow. Save your teammates from an early death by scanning doors and windows!


Sometimes flipping down your HDS flipsight will make it a little easier in close quarters combats.


Glaz can see through all smokes, remember to use these smokes sparingly and make the best of them as they only stay up for a short time. Always try to smoke the enemy and not yourself, allowing the rest of your team to also see while they push.


Using the HDS Flipsight, every enemy will have a yellow glow, allowing you to hold some very sight angles compared to other operators. As the Ots-03 does quite a lot of damage you can often get kills with very little of the target being visible.


Due to its high velocity, Glaz's Ots-03 is able to shoot through Castle barricades, and it also does soft destruction and high damage penetration.


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