Our Commitments

At Ubisoft and Ubisoft Annecy, our goal is to contribute to an ever more inclusive and sustainable society. As such, we are committed to develop initiatives around diversity and inclusion, philanthropy and education, and sustainability and environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

At Ubisoft, we believe that by fostering a workplace where everyone can be authentic, and by telling stories that reflect the diversity of our players, we can help build a more inclusive industry. Our ambition is to be a compelling place to work for talents from all backgrounds.

Across the group, in France, and at our studio, actions are regularly put in place to encourage more diversity and inclusion towards under-represented people, and take the form of training, awareness-raising, partnerships, support schemes and improvements to our HR processes.

Here are just a few of our initiatives:

  • Various trainings including unconscious biases, anti-discrimination, allyship...

  • Coaching sessions with members of the Women in Games and Afrogameuses associations

  • Open doors to discover our professions with our partners such as Elles Bougent, Nos Quartiers ont du Talent

  • Develop at Ubisoft mentoring program.

  • Participation to Duo Day

  • The creation of our 1st Employee Resource Group dedicated to women, non-binary people and their allies in 2022, Women @Ubi Annecy, whose aim is to create a space for exchange and support.

  • Increased support for our international members, who make up about a third of the studio, including French classes, even though speaking French is not needed to join us.

  • Organization of Diversity and Inclusion Weeks and/or conferences around World Days throughout the year

And much, much more! Take a look at our guide for candidates, and the global diversity and inclusion strategy to find out more !

Environment and Sustainability

At Ubisoft, we are committed to making our own active contribution to global carbon neutrality. In September 2020, we implemented a long-term commitment called Play Green to act on two key priorities:

  1. Reduce the company's carbon footprint

  2. Inspire team members, partners and players

At our local level, we do our best to change our behaviors a little more every day starting with keeping track of our studio carbon footprint every year, implementing energy saving measures, favoring sustainable mobility, managing our waste and recycling, favoring local partnerships and providers, and organizing awareness sessions and discussions with our greenest ambassadors to keep on improving ourselves.

On the game side we are proud to have led the first ever in-game climate march in Riders Republic as part of the 2021 Green Game initiative and we are also looking into ways to make greener games.

To find out more about our green commitments, check out our global Play Green section and/or Play Green video.

Philanthropy and Education

Ubisoft is committed to creating lasting ties with the local communities where we operate. We contribute through creating local economic and employment opportunities and engaging with local causes related to our team's expertise and the video game industry.

Example initiatives include:

  • Sharing our job career path & knowledge about the video game industry through the help of our partner NGOs such as C Genial

  • Mentoring and tutoring initiatives with Sistech or Télémaque

  • Setting up and animating playrooms with Petits Princes or Ma Chance Moi Aussi

  • Rounding up our salaries to donate to a selection of partner NGOs

  • Using our 3 days of volunteering offered by Ubisoft to engage in any NGO initiative of our choice.

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