Season 1

Shadow Tide

Rogue Network Activated

5 New Targets to Hunt Down

There is a new Rogue Agent cell to take down. Intel suggests that this cell is mobilizing and planning an attack in D.C.

Target Neptune:

Chadwick Brandon III

March 10

Target Venus:

Lucy Anders

March 31

Target Saturn:

Mary Masters

April 21

Target Mercury:

Ryan Chang

May 12

Prime Target Jupiter:

Molly Henderson

Complete All Lieutenants

4 Leagues

Prove your status as an agent by rising through the ranks in various activities and earn additional rewards.

Westside League

March 17 - March 30

Northeast League

April 7 - April 20

Home League

April 28 - May 11

Hill League

May 19 - June 1

3 Global Events

Opt-in to global modifiers that apply to the entire game and get rewarded for completing challenges.

Polarity Switch

March 24 - March 30


May 5 - May 11


May 26 - June 1

Also Included in this Season

Season Rewards

The Season includes a huge supply of rewards that includes 2 gear sets, 19 named items, an exotic mask and a new skill variant.

Season 1 Pass

The Season 1 Pass grants additional rewards for each level reached, such as seasonal cosmetics, currency and crafting materials, apparel keys and more opportunities to get seasonal gear and weapons.

Urban Jungle Apparel Event

From March 31 - April 20, earn or purchase keys with Premium Credits to obtain new apparel.

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