23 June 2020

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Season 2 – Keener’s Legacy is now live!

Keener’s Legacy is the second season coming to The Division 2. The first phase is now live, and we have a full breakdown of what’s waiting for you in Washington D.C. and New York. As in Season 1, the Manhunt of five Rogue Agents is the narrative driver. Looking for clues, locations and finding the Rogue agents to take on the Prime Target, Hornet. In the wake of Keener’s death his legacy is brought back to life, as the rogue agent Hornet leads a cell of zealous rogue associates, devoted to carry on Keener’s calamitous plans with the Eclipse virus. The Division must now take down each of the five members of Hornet’s rogue cell in order to prevent them from realizing what Keener failed to do.

Your first target is already available, and you can engage activities in Washington D.C. to unveil Termite’s location. As with all new Manhunt targets a double XP event is also live right now and completing all 15 levels within this week will net you an extra Season Cache!

What else awaits in Season 2? Let’s go over some of the details:

  • Season 2 – Keener’s Legacy will feature time-limited activities for 12 weeks. These activities will either last 7 or 14 days and will usually end on Tuesdays. Make sure to check the in-game and finish any activity before the timer runs out! You can find the Season UI when opening the pause menu.

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  • Seasonal Levels – As in Season 1, 100 levels are available to earn throughout the season. Season 1 levels to not count towards Season 2! As you progress through the ranks you will gain gear, cosmetic items as well as new gear sets and two unique Exotics.
    • We are also reintroducing Field Proficiency Caches with Season 2. After reaching Season Level 100 every time players’ SHD Level increases they will receive a Field Proficiency Cache!
  • Season Pass - Different from Season 1, the optional Season Pass is now available for 1000 Premium Credits ($10 or your regional equivalent) in the in-game store, granting additional cosmetics and opportunities for season gear as you progress. The Season Pass also adds a Daily Project for a hard difficulty Main Mission that grants some extra XP to level up quicker. Additionally, players with the Season Pass will receive three Apparel Event Cache Keys on login during the Apparel Event.
    As a reminder: Any in-game activities granting XP will count towards your Seasonal Levels, ensuring that you can progress at your own pace and through playing your favorite content.
  • Seasonal Manhunt Targets – Like we mentioned above, five seasonal manhunt targets will become available throughout the season. New targets unlock every 3 weeks, together with the aforementioned double XP event, providing an opportunity to progress quicker. Take down all four Lieutenants, Termite, Luna, Huntsman and Titan, to unlock the Prime Target, Hornet. Finishing the Manhunt will unlock a new unique Skill variant, the Repair Trap.
  • Leagues – Four new Leagues will be featured in Season 2, allowing you to show off your skills by rising through the ranks, and competing with other players in time-attacks, and other activities. Ranking up will earn you specific League rewards. Leagues will last 2 weeks and yield up to 10 rewards based on your performance. League progress can be earned in each week, allowing players to choose the pace when tackling the activities.
  • Global Events– Global Events are also making a comeback in Keener’s Legacy. They are one-week time limited in-game events that can be toggled on and off by players and alters normal gameplay through a variety of modifiers. These modifiers will require you to your approach to activities and offer a different way to experience Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. This time we have three returning Global Events, Polarity Switch, Reanimated and Guardians, as well as a brand-new Global Event, Hollywood. Each event yields up to 10 rewards based on your performance.
  • Apparel Event – A new Apparel Event will come in Season 2, Phoenix Down. It will run between July 14th and August 4th and you will be able to earn Apparel Event Caches via gameplay or purchase keys with Premium Credits.

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  • Rewards – With Season 2 you will be able to earn new rewards when progressing through the Season Levels. The following items will become available to earn during Season 2:
    • Repair Trap - Skill variant
    • Eclipse Protocol Gear Set
    • Mantis – Exotic Marksman Rifle
    • Vile – Exotic Mask
    • 1 Gear Brand Set
    • 2 Named Weapons
    • 2 Named Gear Pieces
    • Eclipse Outfit (Available in Season 2 Pass)
    • And more…

*Note: With the exception of the unique skill variant and the new exotics, all gear listed above is currently available in-game. Most seasonal additions becomes available in the general loot pool in the pre-season phase, beginning one week prior to the start of the Season. *

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