21 December 2020

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Apparel Event: Outguard


The Outguard Apparel Event will feature 24 new apparel items to gather, collect, and use to deck out your agent, starting on December 22.

The Outguard will be open to all Warlords of New York owners who have completed the New York campaign. Rewards and progress are automatically enabled at the start of the event.

Keys for Event Caches can be earned by gaining SHD levels in game or by Premium Credit purchase. You can also gift Apparel keys to fellow Agents in your clan or on your friends list!

To celebrate the start of the event, we are giving all agents who log in throughout the Outguard Apparel event a key to get your collection started.

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The Outguard Apparel Event contains four full cosmetic outfits to be collected; Coyote, Grizzly, Hawk, and Mongoose. 2 emotes and a mask are also available from the event.

The unique Ballistic Helmet awaits as your final prize for collecting all the Outguard items during the event. The exclusive Ballistic Helmet will no longer be obtainable after the event ends on January 11, 2021.

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Outguard event keys for the Apparel Caches can be earned from the following sources:

  • SHD Levelling: one key every four SHD levels.
  • Direct purchase with Premium Credits.

Season 4 Pass owners are granted 3 extra keys.

Remember, Event Caches do not contain duplicates and any items you’re missing can be viewed in the Apparel menu in-game.

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Here is a detailed breakdown and availability timeline for Outguard:

  • Event Live – December 22nd to January 11th 2021. During this period, event keys can be regularly earned or purchased from the sources listed above.
  • Event Closing – January 12th to January 18th. If you have any leftover keys, be sure to make use of them during this period. The Ballistic Helmet can still be obtained until the end of this period. You can use unspent keys and purchase additional ones to get a hold of all the Outguard event apparel before the event fully ends.
  • Post Event – January 19th onward. The Outguard Apparel Event will no longer be active, and the caches no longer obtainable, but event items will be available for direct purchase on the in-game store and may rotate into the different Apparel and Legacy cache pools in the future.

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We would also like to remind you of the gifting feature, where you have the option to purchase Apparel Event keys with Premium Credits and directly send them to your friends or clan members!

To gift keys, head to the Apparel Cache menu and choose "gift". If you have received gifted keys, you will have a pop-up notification waiting for you in the Apparel Cache menu.

Note that Event keys can only be gifted while the Event is active. In addition, you can only gift the maximum number of keys needed to complete the Apparel Event.

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We would love to see your agents in their new tacti-cool outfits, so remember to use #TheDivision2Photos and share away!

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