21 January 2021

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Agent Highlights: Holiday Edition

Happy 2021, agents!

We hope the Holiday Season has treated you well and that 2021 treats you even better. You have taken on the Outguard Apparel Event, the Golden Bullet Global Event, and the Kestrel Manhunt challenge. You have also taken some time to show us some of your amazing creations.

Let’s dive into some of the best and cosiest from the past month!

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Tchen114 wishes everyone a Merry Christmas (ya filthy animals!) with this work. Not only do we appreciate a good Home Alone reference, but also the colouring and the attention to detail on the agents’ gear.


Theo Parnell also needs a break sometimes. Hype_and_space always surprises us with this very solid linework and the minimalistic colouring, and this work is no different. We are left wondering; do you think his copies might need a nap too?

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Eodf h1UwAMAlO-

You know we love seeing your cosplaying pets, especially if they are such good boys as Kotaro here. His owner C4_aka_ramzy tells us he is super cowardly and would run away if attacked by a Rogue Agent. We say we would still welcome this agent in our team!


The current weather (at least here on the Northern Hemisphere) calls for a nice cup of hot chocolate. Better if it’s with marshmallows. Better if it’s from Kerman Coffee. Agent Damian has decided to pay them a visit for some holiday brew. We are loving the mug and the cozy gear!

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Honobonodeizu has opened the doors of this safe house to give us a sneak peek at this setup. That is an impressive collection of Hunter Masks. You can tell they were all crafted with great care, we can’t wait to see which one is next.

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Agent Mab and Splintrshield have distilled the essence of every holiday movie into this shot (including a “Don’t tell mum” version!) and we are loving it. A nice detail is that the Christmas Tree on the right is taken directly from the game. We wonder what’s in the present Mab is holding. Wait… Is that…? Well, at least this this Hunter is sure to like it!

This is it for this month, agents! Remember to post your creation with the hashtag #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in one of our Agent Highlights articles.

Stay safe and best of luck!

/The Division Community Team

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