For Honor Y6S3: The Demon Dagger

Something has awakened in the Myre. For centuries, a cavern at the heart of the swamps was sealed off until a fissure split open. Ancient Samurai once knew the truth of the cave, but the echo of their warnings had faded across the ages to a whisper. It was a prison. Now demons, once banished to the bowels of the earth, have escaped. And after their long, unholy hibernation, the Yokai hunger.

Motoori noticed small signs first. The young Orochi was the first to warn of the villagers’ strange behavior. Honorable Nobushi babbled and cursed. Aramusha bent and twisted impossibly. At length, the eyes of the Samurai took on pale glows – the last mutation before their massacre on Temple Garden. By then the Yokai’s possession was complete. To save the survivors, Motoori told them of another fable: the Mamono Dagger, a mythical blade said to trap spirits of the Yokai. But the demon dagger bears a terrible cost... and none are worse cut than its wielder.


Testing Grounds TU2

From November 17th to November 24th, the Testing Grounds are opening once again this season. This time we will be testing changes to Dodge Attacks. We are asking all our brave warriors to participate and give us their valued feedback.

Web of the Jorogumo

A living nightmare haunts the Myre! The horrifying creature known as the Jorogumo has nested in the Market Place, where the monstrous spider feasts on cocooned villagers and viciously preys on the few warriors brave enough to face it. All hope lies in Meiko, who wields the Mamono Dagger. Accompany the Yokai Slayer through the web-infested village, and attempt to do the impossible: defeat Jorogumo.

From October 20th to November 10th, participate in Y6S3's Halloween event, Web of the Jorogumo, and experience a unique team based PVE game mode. A team of 4 brave warriors make their way through Market Town alongside the brave Kensei warrior Meiko to defeat the Jorogumo, a frightening creature who has captured her brother and torments the Myre. During the event, participants can earn a Battle Outfit, a Mood Effect, and an Ornament. Available only for the duration of the event.

Kensei Hero Skin

After being dormant for generations, the monstrous demons known as the Yokai were let loose upon the Myre. When Meiko’s younger brother Motoori disappeared, she took the responsibility of wielding the Mamono Dagger to get him back. The mythical blade was the only known weapon capable of killing the Yokai – but wielding it came at a great cost.

The dagger contained the soul of every Yokai it slew. The more it killed, the more powerful it became. And the more it threatened to consume its wielder. But Meiko had no choice. If she had any hope of saving her brother, she had to face these demons. Those both outside, and within.

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The Yokai Nightmare

For centuries, the Yokai slumbered in the depths of the earth. Now these demons of Japanese legend have escaped and been set loose upon Heathmoor. Nowhere is worse struck than Temple Garden -- haunted by spectral sights and portents of doom, where even possessed Samurai have set their swords against their own people. Will you break the spell of the Yokai?

From September 15th to October 6th, face the Myre's demonic invaders in Y6S3's launch event The Yokai Nightmare to earn event-specific weapons, a Battle Outfit, a Mood Effect, and more. Available only for the duration of the event.

Cross Play Phase 2

This season, at the start of TU2 on October 20th, Cross-play Phase 2 will launch and conclude our Crossplay deployment plan. Cross-play in For Honor will now include group play among cross-platform friends. You can now invite your friends to group up with you, regardless of their platform of choice, and conquer the battlefield together. For more information regarding For Honor's Cross-play please visit our FAQ.

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Testing Grounds

From September 15th to September 22nd, the gates to the Testing Grounds will be open for you to explore potential changes to Tiandi and Valkyrie. Are you willing and able? If so, the Testing Grounds await. We encourage you to give feedback as we look forward to hearing from our warriors.

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New Seasonal Customization

Generations ago, the Samurai fought the Yokai and trapped them in a cave. The feats of the past may now be myth, but the stories of old are resurrected when the Yokai return to haunt the living. Now, warriors must dust off ancient armors that have not been worn in centuries – armors they can only hope will help them achieve what their ancestors did: push the Yokai back into the dark.

Battle Pass

For centuries, the Yokai lay dormant in their cave. But after a chasm was formed in the seal of their cage, these malevolent demons are now free to haunt the swamps of the Myre once more. From the depths of their cavernous prison, weapons from the past are found. Bearing the markings of these vicious spirits, these weapons are ready to be wielded by only the bravest of warriors – those willing to face the Yokai and cast them back to their hellish realm.

This season, take your hero through Yokai horrors in the Myre and unlock 100 Tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y6S3: The Demon Dagger only.

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Battle Pass

When Maddox broke his oath and killed his chieftain, the village of Moldar changed allegiance from Chimera to Horkos. Under the new leadership of Maddox, all those who have followed the Oathbreaker have taken up new weapons to wield in battle. With these, those who wield them show their new allegiance. But for their enemies, it means only one thing: these are the weapons of traitors.

Overcome treason this season and loot 100 tiers of rewards for all heroes! Available during For Honor's Y7S4: Treason.

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New Hero: Afeera

The Afeera are the tactical geniuses of the battlefield. Highly trained and precise in their attacks, they can deftly dispatch an enemy with their mace and shield. Nimble and quick, the Afeera are also capable of impressive acrobatic feats—using their every limb as a weapon to fell opponents. They are elegant yet deadly warriors.