13 September, 2022

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Crossplay Phase 2 FAQ

Crossplay Phase 2 is coming October 20th. Phase 2 will allow our players to group and play with cross platform friends.

Previously in Phase 1, players were limited to crossplay through matchmaking only. This means you could not add friends from different platforms and play with them. With the implementation of Phase 2, players will be able to group with their friends from any platform. In Y6S3 TU1, we are implementing voice-chat in crossplay matches, a new block-list feature and removing P2P connection.

[FH] News - Crossplay Phase 2 - FHY6S3 crossplay phase 2 modified

1. What is Phase 2 of Crossplay?

Crossplay Phase 2's functionality will extend to group play with your cross-platform friends and/or players. Your friends' platform of choice will no longer be a blocker when looking to play together.

You will be able to group with other online players under the same Ubisoft account (also called linked profiles), which allows players having played the game on more than 1 platform under the same Ubisoft account to play together.

However, progression is still isolated per platform, as there is no cross-progression.

2. Do I need a specific Ubisoft account to play For Honor?

Yes, if you play on console it is mandatory to link your console account to a Ubisoft Account to play For Honor. If you do not have a Ubisoft account, the game will ask you to create one at the first launch. If you have already played For Honor, you already have a Ubisoft Account.

3. How do I add a cross-platform friend?

Open Ubisoft Connect on any device or via the in-game shortcuts found in the "Group" or "Customize" tabs. Then, cycle to the friends' tab and search for your friends' Ubisoft Connect username.

If you are already in a match or group, you can also simply view the player's profile and select "Send Friend Request".

4. How do I find my Ubisoft Connect username?

It should be visible on the "Profile" tab in Ubisoft Connect. You can also see it be selecting your own profile in the Group menu.

5. How do I accept a friend request?

Open Ubisoft Connect on any device or via the in-game shortcuts found in the "Group" or "Customize" tabs. Then, cycle to the friends' tab and view your pending friend requests.

For more information on Ubisoft Connect, see :
Link on PC : https://www.ubisoft.com/en-us/help/account/article/add-more-ubisoft-connect-friends/000077468

6. I am not receiving my cross-platform Friend Requests, what can I do?

It can take up to 2 minutes to receive the in-game notification. If you are still experiencing issues after that time, try and access Ubisoft Connect on your Console or PC, you should be able to see any pending cross-platform Friend Requests.

7. How do I play with friends that are on another platform?

The process is the same as it was previously. Players need to become friends on Ubisoft connect first. Then you simply head to the groups tab and invite your friends through the friends list.

8. Will the matchmaking system be readjusted at the launch of Phase 2 on October 20th, 2022?

No, there is no need to readjust the matchmaking system as the implementation of Phase 2 only adds the ability to add cross platform friends as well as play with them.

9. Will in game communication change with Crossplay Phase 2?

To deploy Phase 2, voice-chat in Crossplay matches will be introduced at the beginning of Y6S3 TU1.

Additionally, all players can still use the quick-chat messages to communicate with their teammates. PC players can use standard text chat as well.

10. Can I disable Voice Chat?

Yes, you can mute individual users using the "Mute voice" option on their player card.

As a reminder, consoles have built-in cross-platform preferences. If our users are experiencing problems with Cross-play or Cross-platform voice chat, they should verify their current preferences. For more information, players should refer to their console's user guide for more information.

11. Which game modes will not support Crossplay?

Story Mode (Coop) & Arcade Mode (Coop). All other game modes are supported for Crossplay.

12. How do I opt out of Crossplay?

Players can opt out of cross-play by going to Options > Online > Cross-play.

Opting out of crossplay is not recommended as matchmaking queue's will be much longer.

13. Do I still need to configure my router with open NAT (green NAT)?

No, with the release of Y6S3 TU1 on September 15th, we are completely removing all remaining P2P connections into the game. This means that we do not show the NAT status in game anymore and this configuration is not required anymore. All connections are now transferred on Servers.

Take note that with the transfer of custom matches on dedicated servers we cannot support Nvidia Ansel technology in this game mode. We are investigating how to re-integrate such a feature later. 

14. What is the new in-game block list?

With the release of Y6S3 TU1 on September 15th, we are releasing a new tool to enhance the management of friends in game. You will also be able to blacklist other users to reduce the toxicity. When blocking other users, their voice chat and text chat will automatically be muted in game if encountered. Additionally, it will remove the emblem's visual of the blocked player. You can also easily block and unblock friends from the player card activity.

With the release of the cross-platform friends list, the block list will be compatible with cross-platform friends, it will also block the group invitations from cross-platform friends that you have blocked. All the 1st party group invitation sent via your 1st party system on console remains managed by the 1st party block list integrated into your console system.  



Note that since the in-game cross-platform block feature uses their Ubisoft account, these users will also be blocked in other Ubisoft titles.

15. How do I prevent someone spamming invites?

You can add any cross-platform user into the in-game block list to avoid all their invitation requests. 

16. What happens if I own For Honor on multiple platforms, but all of the accounts share the same Ubisoft Account?

You will automatically add your other accounts as friends. You can invite them like any other player. However, you cannot block these users.

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