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Warriors everywhere sealed new alliances through the Covenants, but another great enemy was about to challenge their renewed vigor. This new threat was not just another clan or army trying to reap more territories. After centuries of being spoiled and exhausted by humanity's thirst for power, Mother Nature herself was about to show the true extent of her burning wrath. An intense drought befell Heathmoor, endangering crops and fortifications everywhere. While the Horkos saw the calamity as another opportunity to prove their might, the Chimera struggled to maintain solidarity among their ranks, with less resources to share between themselves.

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    For Honor’s Referral Program starts today, July 22nd until October 21st 2021!

    The Referral Program gives you the possibility to invite your friends on the For Honor battlefield and to earn rewards by doing so!

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    The Kyoshin are legendary Samurai who have a deep connection to the spiritual realms. Their special training led them to master the art of fighting with a concealed blade, the Shikomizue.

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    Play For Honor for FREE July 15th–18th!

    Our next free update - The Crew® 2 Season 3 Episode 1: US Speed Tour East

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    Twitch Drops are back!

    Receive Twitch Drops for viewing the For Honor Twitch Directory from July 22-29!

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    For Honor – The Kyoshin Hero Revealed, PLAYABLE JULY 22 and more with Y5S2 TU2

    Warriors, the time for Y5S2: Mirage’s second title update is almost upon us and today we are happy to unveil For Honor’s newest playable Hero: The Kyoshin.

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    Year 5 Season 2 Testing Grounds: Improvements Overview

    JC from the Fight Team here. It's that time of the season again and we're back with yet another Testing Grounds! They will be open from July 1st to July 8th.

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    PS4: 1.8Gb, Xbox One: 1.8Gb, PC: 1.9Gb

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    Warrior’s Den Recap – June 3rd

    We’re back with another addition of the Warrior’s Den Recap where we take a look at Y5S2: Mirage, Visions of the Kyoshin and more!

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    Reigning Inferno

    The Reigning Inferno game mode is back and will be live starting May 27th until June 3rd.

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    Viewer’s Guide to the 2021 Dominion Series Stage 1 Major

    The Stage 1 Major of the 2021 Dominion Series kicks off this Saturday, May 29th!

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    Dominion Series Schedule Update

    An update on the schedule for For Honor's Dominion Series 2021 tournament.

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For Honor

After a great cataclysm, 4 of the fiercest warrior factions in history clash in an epic battle for survival. Join the war as a bold Knight, brutal Viking, deadly Samurai or fearsome Wu Lin and fight for your faction’s honor. Carve a path of destruction across the battlefield in this fast-paced thriller that mixes skill with visceral melee combat.

Single Player Game Modes


This single player mode includes Training Media, Apprentice Trials, Warrior Trials, and a Training Arena.


Playable as single-player and two-player co-op.


Unlimited single player and 2-person co-op PVE content. Available with the Marching Fire Expansion and Edition.

Multiplayer Game Modes


Teams fight to take control of various Offerings dispersed on the map.


4v4 objective-based mode where teams fight for three different zones to control the battlefield.


Best of five rounds 1v1 mode.


Best of five rounds 2v2 mode.


4v4 team deathmatch-like mode with AI.


4v4 mode where the best of five rounds wins!


Defend the Castle or take down the Lord Commander in 4v4 strategic multiplayer mode. Coming with the Marching Fire Update on October 16.

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Battle Pass

As all warriors struggled with the drought, the Samurai were reminded of the Heavenly Ones, the embodiment of light and mirages in their pantheon of deities. According to many legends, they would appear during heatwaves to warn people of how impermanent things were and would always be, no matter how weak or strong one was.

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New Hero: Gryphon

A well-known veteran returns to unite the Alliance against the Horkos. The one who is now known as 'Gryphon' has traveled far and wide, learned fighting techniques from warriors across all of Heathmoor and added his own deadly twist to them. Wielding the bardiche, this charismatic leader excels in all situations and keeps his allies alive to fight another day.

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