Battle Pass Y5S1


Through Year 5 Season 1's Premium pass, play your way through 100 tiers of Horkos decadance to earn rewards which include an effect, execution, weapon set, For Honor's first ever paired emote and more for all heroes!

Chest Bump

Horkos Trickery

Horkos Puppeteer

Horkos Devilry

Unique Seasonal Rewards

With more resources at their disposal, the makers of Horkos were able to craft some of the most refined weapons and draperies one could find in Heathmoor. A scribe who attended one of the Masquerades described the style of the Horkos warriors as 'sophisticated yet violent, gorgeous yet terrifying'. If one took a closer look at the bright colors and smiling masks of Horkos, they would discern a disturbing truth beneath the lavish surface.

Add some Horkos flair to your character's look through the 100 Tiers of rewards available for all heroes! Available during For Honor Y5S1: Asunder.

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