April 15, 2022

Please find in this update an overview of all the changes and updates that were made to the Rainbow Six Circuit Global Rulebook for the 2022 Season.

The complete Rulebook is available: HERE

2022 changelist:


Throughout the Rulebook, multiple wording tweaks were made to clarify some rules without changing their meaning.


  • Removal of all references to the Rainbow Six Esports Code of Conduct, as the Rainbow Six Circuit will now refer to the Ubisoft Code of Conduct.

1.2 Modification of the Rules

  • Added wording regarding Ubisoft’s ability to modify the format of the Rainbow Six Circuit for the next season with potential effects on promotion/relegation matches planned for the end of the ongoing season.

2.2 Duration of the Rainbow Six Circuit

  • Updated wording to clarify when the season ends exactly.

2.5 Regional structures

  • All regional structures have been updated to reflect changes to their esports programs.

3.1.2 License restrictions

  • Teams are now allowed to register their Secondary Roster in a different Region from their Main one. Limitations to the progression of the Secondary Roster still apply the same.

3.2.4 Residence Eligibility Rule

  • Added wording to clarify that Coach can perform their coaching duty from a country outside of the region their Team competes in for online competitions only. Offline competitions require attendance of the Coaches on site for them to be able to perform their duty.

4.5 Player and Coach transfer and Roster Lock

  • Reworked to establish that the Global Transfer Window does not apply to Rosters competing in Local Competitions anymore. Specific Transfer Windows will be established for each Local Competition individually in their Specific Rules. The Rules for transfers of players involving Teams or Rosters competing in different levels of Competitions are now outlined in Section 4.5.1.
  • Coach transfers are now bound by the rules of the Global Transfer Window for all the Teams they apply to. During Mid-Season Transfer Windows, coach Transfers are additional to the 2 Player transfers allowed per Team.

4.5.3 Transfer Windows

  • Addition of a 3rd Mid-Season Transfer Window after the November Major.

4.5.4 Transfer Limitations and Player Swap

  • Removal of the requirement for Rosters to include at least 2 Players who have played (or have qualified to play) at the level of competition the Team is qualified for, for the next Season. Map pool

  • Updated to reflect the extension of the Map Pool to 9 maps.
  • Updated list of maps of the Map Pool. Map bans

  • Updated all Map Bans processes to align with a 9 maps Map Pool.
  • Updated BO5 Map Bans process to specify the available options depending on whether a BO5 match is played in the context of a Single Elimination or Double Elimination Bracket. Cosmetics

  • Added wording regarding Ubisoft’s ability to forbid specific cosmetics items
  • Added Annex C as a list of all currently authorized non-default nor esports team branded operator battle dress uniforms and headgears allowed in competitive play Usage of bugs or in-game exploits

  • Addition of “vaulting onto skylight windows” as an unauthorized mechanic

5.3.2. Standardized Competition Rules

  • Addition of Section 5.3.2 regarding Standardized Competition Rules for all applicable competitions throughout Season 2022
    • Format of all 2022 Majors
    • Tie-Breaker rules across all Leagues and Majors

6. Sanction(s) & Penalties

  • Addition of the notion of preliminary conservative measures
  • Addition of definition and processes for Supportive and Protective measures

7. Prize payment

  • Prize payment process clarification

8.1.1. Exclusive Rights

  • Precision regarding the usage of official league data

8.1.3. Rainbow Six Circuit livestreaming policy

  • Update to the livestreaming policy to include the Watch Party program

Section 8.2

  • Clarification regarding confidentiality obligation of players and staff attending in person competitions of the Rainbow Six Circuit

8.3 Privacy

  • Updated section to detail data collection and data processing purpose

8.6. Sponsorships & Product Placements

  • Update of the sponsorship restricted list to include Ubisoft’s competitors and unauthorized and/or non-compliant with applicable law or regulations cryptocurrencies, financial instruments or market activities
  • Clarification of the restrictions applicable to product placement and sponsorship activations


  • Removal of mentions to the Rainbow Six Esports Code of Conduct in the Penalty Index


  • Addition of Annex C listing all non-default nor esports team branded operator battle dress uniforms and headgears allowed in competitive play

APPENDIX 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Removed

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