June 16, 2023

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Open Session


Unlocking DedSec
Input Latency on PS5
120Hz Mode (PS5 & XBSX)
Netcode Changes
Server Stability
Controller Experience
Patch Notes

Open Session 

Announced at Ubisoft Forward, XDefiant will be having an Open Session next week to help test changes to the game made based on feedback from the Closed Beta.

We will be opening our servers on June 20th in preparation for the Open Session and everyone who played in the Closed Beta will be able to join early. On June 21st until the 23rd, the Open Session will officially open to anyone on latest gen platforms and PC.

Available to Closed Beta Players:

  • Tuesday, June 20th, 2023 - 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET

Available to anyone:

  • Start time: Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 - 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET
  • End time: Friday, June 23rd, 2023 - 11 PM PT / 2 AM ET

Open Session is available to players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S.

Unlocking DedSec

During the Open Session you will also be able to complete a challenge for an early permanent unlock of DedSec faction. By earing 125K XP during the Open Session you will have DedSec waiting you for Day 1 of our launch!


The Open Session has a few focus points we would like to test on a large scale:

  • How the NEW! netcode feels.
  • Server Stability.
  • Console Controller Experience & Aim Assist.

Read below a few summaries of the changes made on each focus point from the team:

Input Latency on PS5

During Closed Beta a bug was observed in the frame pacing behavior on PS5 that led to the game having a higher-than-expected input latency.

The CPU was not being properly throttled allowing it to run too far ahead of the GPU resulting in approximately an additional 40ms of undesired latency.

Since Closed Beta we have worked to correct the issue so input latency on PS5 should feel much more responsive and on-par with our other platforms.

120Hz Mode (PS5 & XBSX)

We have added a 120hz mode for those who are connected to supporting displays. 

This should provide an additional small improvement to input latency as well as an overall more fluid and responsive feel to the game. 

This mode is still relatively new and undergoing internal review and validation and there may be places the game is unable to sustain 120hz. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Netcode Changes

Previously, in the Closed Beta and Insider Sessions, the netcode was an early test version.

Since then, we have done a significant overhaul to:

  • Improve fairness.
  • Reduce latency.
  • Improve synchronization.

These changes should help alleviate the feeling of dying behind wall and covers. The new netcode is a massive refactor and improvement but is not final. Netcode will always be an important topic that we will continue to improve upon. For the new netcode this is the first large scale test, so it's important to let us know your feedback and experience across the globe. Let us know your experience on social media and our Discord.

Server Stability

During the Closed Beta, we experienced an issue that was preventing matchmaking entirely or causing long lobby times. We have identified and fixed these issues from the Closed Beta. We have also fixed several low-level bugs in our server code that should create a smoother experience overall.

Additionally, during the Closed Beta, we overloaded the save game servers. Since then, we have done work to scale the servers better.  On top of this, we have implemented better reporting that will allow us to catch server issues faster. We also have scaled our online support team to be able to resolve issues quicker.

While a massive amount of work has been done, it is still possible that there are server stability issues. However, this is part of the reason we are doing the Open Session. Please let us know your feedback on the overall experience as we continue to improve server stability at launch and in the future.

Controller Experience

What is Aim Assist?

Aim assist friction is nothing more than a slowdown of the camera under specific conditions. To define these conditions there is a "billboard" that surrounds enemy players, this billboard dictates where aim assist begins/ends and where full strength occurs.

What does the billboard look like? So, if you imagine two rectangular boxes, there would be a small one inside a larger one. The Outer Box we refer to as the "Blend Zone" and the Inner Box is where aim assist is full strength. The edge of the outer box is where the slowdown begins and ramps up in strength as it gets closer to the inner box. The inner box in this case, is what surrounds the player model.

What did we change globally?

We realized that the accuracy of our billboard around the player model could be improved. We adjusted both the size and shape of the inner and outer box. This should remove the feeling of fighting aim assist before getting your aim on the enemy player and maintaining accuracy on intended target. We changed these in both the standing and crouching positions. Additionally, we made another update to this billboard for directional conditions for when the player is moving forward/backward.

We also corrected the strength of aim assist when players were within 2 meters of each other. This was causing unintentional camera issues at point blank range.

What did we change for consoles specifically?

Including the above changes, due to consoles having performance limitations in comparison to PC we realized we needed to make console-specific changes as well. We slightly increased aim assist strength by 5% to bring them closer in line to expectation.

Input Latency:

Since aiming requires pinpoint accuracy, the reduction in input latency that we've made since Closed Beta should pair nicely with the changes to aim assist so that players will feel less impaired by minor stick corrections when trying to stay on target.

Patch Notes


  • New branding!


  • Updated Net code!

    • We feel this is a significant improvement for latency and fairness as well as a solid foundation for ongoing improvements.
  • The number of errors players receive should be greatly reduced in Open Session.

Factions - Ultras, Traits, and Abilities 


  • [Trait] Espiritu de Libertad

    • We’ve reinstated the Libertad trait to be active again.

      • When the Libertad takes damage, their health begins regenerating without delay.

      • Health continues to regenerate until full.

      • Effect stacks with natural regen.

      • Effect does not stack with other Libertad abilities or ultra. If these effects are active from any of the other healing abilities, the trait will cease healing.

  • [Ability] BioVida Boost

    • Reduced HP boost to max at 100HP (vs previous 120HP)

    • Healing rate reduced.

  • [Ability] El Remedio

    • Cooldown raised from 20s-> 30s.

    • Duration reduced to 25 seconds.

    • Healing rate for El Remedio has decreased from 60hp per second to 40hp per second.

    • Reduced health of El Remedio deployable from 120 to 80


  • [Ultra] Sonar Vision

    • Animation was improved to make this feel more powerful.
  • [Fixed from CB] Echelon player will appear on the minimap if the Intel Suit skill is used on them.

  • [Fixed from CB] Black patches no longer observed on the weapon when Digital Ghillie Suit is active during the match.


  • [Fixed from CB] EMP does not cancel the Blitz Shield.

  • [Fixed from CB] Player holding Blitz Shield no longer takes incendiary damage from enemy Cleaner bullets.


  • The DedSec faction is now unlocked for everyone through Open Session.

  • All our DedSec characters are available to select.

Weapons, Attachments, & Devices


  • Snipers

    • Increase ADS time

    • Decreased ADS walking speed

  • LMGs

    • Corrected their ADS & Sprint out times
  • M1911

    • Increased RPM
  • ACR

    • Decreased RPM

    • Increased ADS & Sprint out time

  • AK47

    • Better aligned bullet trajectory with crosshair when aiming down sights
  • MK20

    • Reduced headshot multiplier
  • P90

    • Increased headshot multiplier


  • New! Dark Flashbang option in the settings menu.


  • Sound - Various improvements to audio.
  • Health Regen - Delay reduced from 5s to 4s.
  • Spam Penalties - Reduced spam behaviour penalty slightly.