Operation Vector Glare

Divert enemy attention and gain the upper hand with Sens, the new Operator. Sens comes equipped with the brand-new POF9 assault rifle and the R.O.U. Projector System ability, allowing them to break line of sight and turn the tide of battle. Operation Vector Glare also introduces the Shooting Range and a new Team Deathmatch map set in Greece, offering fresh venues to hone your skills and put them to the test.

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Operation Vector Glare Battle Pass - From June 14th to September 5th

Enjoy the usual Free and Premium tracks on the Battle Pass, earning dozens of rewards over 100 tiers. Take note that users who own the Year Pass gain access to this season’s Premium Pass automatically. While partaking in game matches, you’ll earn exclusive gear, weapon skins, boosts, and more. We are continuing the persistent weekly challenges, where weekly challenges remain available for the entire season. There is no fear of missing out on Battle Pass progress, or a challenge and its Battle Points now.

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