October 4, 2019

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Explorers Event Extended & Upcoming Changes


Today, we have a few updates and changes for Apparel system in The Division 2.


Before we get started with overall updates to the Apparel system, we wanted to let you know that we've been looking at your feedback around getting keys from drops for the Explorers Apparel Event. Specifically, we recognize that hitting a streak of not getting keys upon level up can be frustrating, especially since the game does not provide that feedback. While we're looking at specific solutions to future events that would have a positive impact on predictability of getting keys, in the short-term, we decided to increase the drop chances and extend the duration of the Explorers event by a week. This means that you will be able to get keys from gameplay activities for another week (until October 15) including a new apparel project, with an additional week of when you can purchase the remaining keys for Premium Credits. Please know that the drop rate changes will not go into effect until early next week.

Here's a full overview of the updated event schedule:

  • Event Live—September 24th to October 15th. During this period, Event keys can be earned from gameplay activities.
  • Event Closing—October 15th to October 22nd. If you have leftover keys available, be sure to use them now, as the event items can only be obtained until this date. The reward for completing the event – the Space Explorer uniform can also only be obtained until this period ends. You can use your unspent keys, as well as purchase additional ones to get all the Explorers event apparel.
  • Post Event—October 22nd onward. As outlined earlier, the Explorers items will not go into the Standard Cache Pool, and the pool of this cache will be reduced to around 100 items.

As a reminder, In order to earn keys, you need to be at least level 30 and complete the Capitol Stronghold to enter World Tier 1, at which point you are granted a Weekly Apparel Project. Event keys can be obtained from the following sources:

  • Weekly Apparel Projects: three keys each
  • Chance to drop when reaching Field Proficiency
  • Chance to drop when reaching Dark Zone Proficiency
  • Direct purchase with Premium Credits


Changes to how you earn Standard Apparel Caches are coming with Title Update 6. Since the launch of The Division 2, we have observed some confusion with earning these caches, and especially around collecting fragments and converting Standard Apparel Cache Fragments into fully fleshed out keys. Fragments were hard to track with the variety of different sources they come from but also easily missed in a number of Proficiency caches, and required crafting to convert to full usable keys.

To streamline this experience, starting soon, we will remove the fragments altogether and there will only be one type of key—Standard Key. This key will have a chance to drop from Field Proficiency, Dark Zone Proficiency, and Conflict.

If you currently own a variety of fragments from the previous system in place, don't worry! You will receive conversions based on the following criteria:

  • For every 100 fragments in your inventory, you will receive one Standard Key, rounded up. So if you have 101 fragments, this rounds up to two Standard Keys.
  • For every Specialized Key (previous fragments cost = 100), you will receive one Standard Key as these are being converted 1:1.
  • For every Superior Key (previous fragments cost = 250), you will receive three Standard Keys.
  • For every High-End Key (this key came from promotions only, such as Ubisoft Club Rewards), you will receive five Standard Keys.

You don't need to do anything to have these fragments converted, as this will happen automatically with Title Update 6, when you first log in after the update.

Until next time,

/The Division Team


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