September 24, 2019

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Apparel Event #4: Explorers


Our fourth Apparel Event themed around the historical museums of Washington, D.C. is now live! For our newer Agents, Apparel Events offer an opportunity to earn new cosmetic items through limited-time Apparel Caches. This time, our Explorers Apparel Cache features 30 new apparel items to collect. Earn keys to open this cache through gameplay or direct purchase before the event ends and earn a unique reward!



The Explorers Cache pool contains cosmetic content that equips your Agent as you complete Apparel projects around Washington's museums—three full cosmetic outfits, Aviator, Paratrooper and Trapper, the Night Vision Googles mask, the Signal Flares, Spin Dance, Marching, Golf Swing and Excited emotes and eight weapon skins, Hailstorm, Fracture, Carbon, Ammolite, Petroglyph, Radar, Granite and Moss.

If you collect all the items from the event, you are rewarded with the Space Explorer Uniform, only available during the Apparel Event.



To kick Explorers off, we are giving all players who log into The Division 2 during the event one free key! All Year One Pass holders will earn an additional three keys as a bonus, available until the event ends. We want everyone to celebrate with us wearing their new apparel items, so enjoy your first cache openings! If you haven't picked up the Year 1 Pass yet, now's the perfect opportunity.


Keys for the Apparel Caches can be earned from the following sources:

  • Weekly Apparel Projects: three keys each
  • Chance to drop when reaching Field Proficiency upon each level after 30
  • Chance to drop when reaching Dark Zone Proficiency
  • Direct purchase with Premium Credits


Here is a detailed breakdown and availability for Explorers:

  • Event Live—September 24th to October 8th. During this period, Event keys can be earned from the sources listed above.
  • Event Closing—October 8th to October 15th. If you have leftover keys available, be sure to use them now, as the event uniform can only be obtained until this period ends! You can use your unspent keys, as well as purchase additional ones to get all the Explorers event apparel. Please note that Explorers items will not be available in the Standard Cache pool at the event's close, but rather return at a later date.
  • Post Event—October 15th onward. The Explorers items will not be available in the Standard Cache Pool but rather return at a later date.

Remember, Event Caches do not contain duplicates and all items yet to be collected can be viewed in the Apparel section in-game. For more information on Apparel Caches and Event Caches, visit our Year One Update blog.


Starting with this update, we are introducing a few changes to our Apparel Caches system.

First, as mentioned above, the Event items will no longer be going into the Standard Apparel Cache pool right after the event. This should give more meaning to the items for players who were active and participated during the event.

The Standard Apparel Cache is also undergoing a few changes. For context, at the release of the game, Standard pool contained a high number of cosmetic items. Each subsequent Apparel Event also increased the number of items in the Standard Apparel Cache, to a point where that high number created a situation where it has been increasingly difficult for players to chase and target specific items in this ever-expanding pool of items.

With that in mind, we will be reducing the number of items in the Standard Apparel Cache to around 100 items. This change will happen at the very end of the Explorers Apparel Event (October 15). We are planning to communicate the list of items that will be leaving the Standard Apparel Cache pool a week earlier – stay tuned!

Removing items from Standard Apparel Cache does not mean they will never again be available to be earned through gameplay activities. The Standard Apparel Cache pool will go through periodic rotations, and the items that at some point are not in it, will return at a later date.

Be sure to jump in and share your new apparel with us using #TheDivision2Photos!

We hope to see everyone in-game!

/The Division 2 Team





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