July 29, 2021

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Agent Highlights: Summer of SHD

Greetings, Agents!

It’s getting hot in the D.C. summer, but that won’t stop our dedicated members of SHD from flexing their creativity. Time to beat the heat by checking out some of our community’s coolest creations!

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The first piece that caught our eye is a commission done by leoluoma. Not only do we love their chibi-style agent, we also admire a lot of the detail that went into this piece! The texture, colour choice, and watermelon weapon skin all bring this together in a brilliant way.

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Next up we have a winter-themed agent from DJKnarnia. The up-close portrait conveys a more personal touch, and the snow makes us reminisce of those cold winter nights in New York.


Onto Photo Mode! These first shots come from JHyde201, who wowed us with their use of stunning colours and the environment. We’ll keep an eye out for these spots next time we’re in Chinatown!

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This serene scene is brought to you courtesy of Clipper_Tical, who took a break from running through the Manning National Zoo to pause and admire our jellyfish friends. Be sure to give them a wave next time you find yourself in the aquarium!


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Starting off the cosplay section is intimdation! We featured him in an earlier article highlighting his custom made SHD trap. However, that was only a piece of the amazing work this agent has put into his cosplay. Make sure to check out some of his unique cosplays!

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Next up is raviolooo, who has been creating a series of pictures featuring the character Dima from the Girls Frontline x Division collaboration event! They did a fantastic job in bringing this character to life, and we are excited to see more!

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Agent Highlights | Team Favourite Divider resized

Our team favourite for the month is also the featured fan creation! This month it is this custom water storage pouch by daikikun. This was modeled after the contaminated storage packs used in the Dark Zone and is fully functional! This means you can take your water or even popsicles with you on your next DZ adventure. Remember to stay hydrated, agents!



That about wraps it up for this month! As always, remember to tag your creations with #AgentHighlights for a chance to be featured in one of these articles.

Enjoy the summer, agents!

Signing off,

/The Division Community Team


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