May 7, 2020

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Clan Spotlight: Red Dot Society [RDS]


This month we have spoken to Red Dot Society, who wanted to introduce us to what they described as a tightly knit family of fun and dedicated clan members. They have all come together to create an atmosphere that puts emphasis on helping each other.

This is a clan that have also claimed the top spot of Clan Experience in The Division 2, and pride themselves on being fun and easy going, but also vigilant in their quest for the top spots on leader boards and speed runs. Each and every member is valued and assisted through challenging content and also given advice on builds

Let us introduce you to some of the members of Red Dot Society, and the kind of activities they enjoy doing in both Washington D.C. and New York!


For anyone who do not know Red Dot Society can you introduce yourself and your clan?


J0YR1D3R8888 AKA J0YSUS: Call me J0Y. I am the leader and founder of Red Dot Society. I am a day 1 Division Player/Sherpa, a Tom Clancy Shooter Enthusiast and a Flawless Aficionado.

I get pleasure from other people’s leisure, got more soul than a sock with a hole and am overall very chilled. Whenever I’m not slinging houses or hanging with my lady; I love gaming with my crew.

I have a really nasty collection of driving moccasins, and get by with a little help from my friends.


Surferjoe21 AKA SURFER: I am a co-leader of RDS, also known as Surfer among my clan friends. I have been a Division player since maybe a week into The Divison 1. I would have joined sooner but life’s responsibilities’ took priority. I’m ready to swing Lucille any chance I get.


Snooch_69 aka Snooch: I’m a co-leader of RDS, an awesome sniper and a raid coordinator.

I’ve been member of RDS for 3 years and have been playing squishy since day 1. I am a bit of a Tom Clancy junkie and have played Vegas 1 & 2, Wildlands and The Division series.

I’m also a Division 1 Survival pro, and a proud owner of the sexiest singing voice in the clan.


XA41_FLAW (FLAW): I am also a co-leader of RDS, a father of 4 and part time war hero for the PS4 Division 2 Community. My free time is currently spent dragging my M4 across the streets of D.C and N.Y in order to make them a safer place to live.

I will not sleep until all threats to our East Coast have been eliminated!


Rocking_Rob1n AKA ROBIN: Hello, I'm known as Rocking_Rob1n in the Playstation world.

I'm a Lieutenant in RDS, but titles don’t matter much as we consider everyone as equals in Red Dot Society!


BigCurvy AKA DANCY: I'm BigCurvy from Louisiana. I am an avid gamer and have been playing since back in the Atari days. I am honoured to be one (of currently) 5 females representing our little clan.


CupidStunt50 AKA CUPPY: I’m a 52-year-old gamer, now some might call it a mature gamer, but that makes me sound like a piece of cheese so I’ll call it experienced!

I met J0Y in Division 1 and through playing with him I experienced the energy that surrounded him, and it brought a new lease of life in me. I may be 52 but now feel 51 again lol.

Some people won’t believe this but I’m normally quite a shy person, but give me a controller and a mic and that disappears. Like most people, I use gaming as a means to escape from the stresses of real life; and in the process I’ve met the weird and the wonderful and wouldn’t want it any other way!


JDM1013 AKA JD: I’m The Granddaddy of the group. If I’m not yelling at RDS members to stay off my lawn or playing bingo; you’ll find me slaying the raid and/or cleaning the streets of D.C.

I'm 62, and a lifelong gamer. I have been a Division player since the release. Most RDS members are 30-50 years old, so I have to keep these young guns in check.


WySoSeri0uZ AKA ANDY: I’m WySoSeri0uZ from Sweden and I have been a part of this clan since 2017. I caught Joy’s attention when I was stream sniping a YouTuber he played with back in Division 1 DZ.

Even though I died constantly, I kept coming back for more and Joy loved that. He thought I was either crazy or brilliant. He brought me in and I’ve been sending people to the checkpoint ever since.

He’s brilliant and his builds are god-like, no Joke (see what I did there?) – J0Y


T-Wolv AKA WOLFY: I hail from the North of England and if I'm honest, people know me as the wild card, the Jokester, shot caller, hot head, tactical Jesus. Amongst other well-deserved names I totally haven't just given myself.


Heethen15 AKA HEETHEN: “We call him Jack Lemmon”

I'm the grumpy old man in the group, but really I carry a lot of love for everyone. I have been a Division player since first day of release. I feel like I've known most of RDS clan my whole life, even though I have only been a member for 8 months.

Red Dot Society is such a tight knit community that honestly cares a lot about each other. I am so proud to be a part of it!


ExternalError AKA STEWIE: Hey I'm an ExternalError and when I'm not blowing stuff up or popping headshots, I'm crunching numbers on spreadsheets… all about getting freaky with the sheets.

Can you share the story of how Red Dot Society began?

J0Y: Red Dot Society was created in 1997 during the days when Quake Team Fortress was popular. We were ranked 2nd in the world and The Red Dot was feared when it appeared on the opposing team’s map, and the one-shot kill was our specialty. After going back to 56kbps, RDS started to fade away.

Fast Forward to 2016. I was sick of how I was living my life and grey hairs were coming in. I needed a hobby. When a friend suggested getting back into gaming I thought “why not?” and bought a PS4.

I always enjoyed Tom Clancy games and naturally bought The Division and Ghost Recon. Over time a small group of us came together, all mature, chill and talented gamers. I was surprised to find so many like-minded 30-40yo people were gamers! The laughs we had together shaped a community feeling that I hadn’t felt since my wild days. That’s when I decided; “Why not bring back RDS?”

During Division 1, RDS did amazing activities such as 20 hunter battles in Survival, we kept winning multiple clan battles and completed countless flawless carries. We spent more time helping others than ourselves and created a good vibe atmosphere which meant players looked to us when needing assistance with challenging content and activities. It was so enjoyable hearing the screams of an agent getting the happy and piggy mask at the same time after me living in a trough in Falcon Lost for a week. It made it all worthwhile.

Although we flourished in TD1, Ghost Recon Wildlands (ranked top 10 PVP in the world) and MANY other games, we weren’t really able to shine until The Division 2 dropped with their clan system. – J0Y

After recruiting TD1 veterans and a lot of new friends, present and past; we decided to really push within The Division 2. After many ups and downs, millions of private messages and part time job as a project manager of the clan, we proved that great things do come to those who persist.

I am so proud to announce that we are now #1 IN THE WORLD IN CXP, 22nd in Conflict wins, 33rd in Dark Hours with an 11:07 speed time, which we are confident we can beat but focus more on helping others through it. We have multiple players that are top 10 in DZ/Conflict, Mission Speed times and so much more. We have completed Dark Hours in Hardcore, and have over 7000 raid completions between us all.

I don’t think there is a more well-rounded, drama free and funny group of people in a clan that can annihilate PVP and PVE content without effort.

Red Dot Society is a relatively small clan, why is that?

J0Y: I like to meet and play with every recruit because I would like to get to know them. I always tell them to think of Red Dot Society as a Dive Bar or Pub:

“Come in, sit in the corner and stare at the wall, you will most likely not have a good time. Come in, order a drink, strike up a few conversations and next thing you know it’s a great night. Come in, puke on the bar, and tell everyone they suck and not pay the tab, you aren’t welcome back.”

Simple right? We have Red Dot Striker and Red Dot Sicario clan and about a100 active players and another 50 or so that play other games (D1, Breakpoint, Wildlands).

We just like to ensure that everyone in RDS feel like a part of a family and keeping people I would want to be part of that has made us a tight knit group of friendly degenerates. – J0Y

Why is Red Dot Society the top clan within Clan XP, what are the motivations behind this?

Rocking_Rob!n: RDS is the top clan in XP because, well some would say it's because of me lol! I just really enjoy making tons of XP and running Air & Space Mission about 100+ times a day, literally, even in my sleep.

However, it was a TOTAL clan effort. We all came together as a clan and watched our XP build until we hit the top spot at #1. Everyone was engaged and grinding every day. Even our Hardcore PVP guys, who'd rather watch paint dry than do PVE, were in fact doing PVE! Which was awesome!

The motivation behind it was just the love of Division 2 and being part of the best clan, Red Dot Society, and knowing we had what it took to take the top spot. All hands were on deck and we accomplished reaching first place as a clan!!!


Red Dot Society has a raid speed runner that is 62 year old, can we hear more about this person’s journey in the clan and why they like to speed run the raid in particular?

JD: I was in search of a clan to join and I found RDS, it felt as if I had arrived home. Being older doesn't slow me down from the challenges of the game. They call me old man, but I love nothing better than to serve Buddy and Lucy a slice of humble pie.

Running on the speed raid team keeps me fresh, and I enjoy working as a team to improve, and climb the leader boards. - JD

What makes your Clan stand out?

Snooch: Our clan stands out in many aspects of the game, from conflict, XP to Raids. It’s because we don’t force our members to play anything, and we have no quotas on anything. We have achieved our success by not trying, we just played and never paid much attention to XP but focused rather on working together as a group.

This family has no limits as members have come together from all over; Sweden, Malta, UK, Canada, and USA. We always support each other, rarely fight and are always there for one another. We have YouTube, Facebook, Discord, and are always in communication with each other.

We stand out because we don’t set goals, but most importantly we preach a real life first and no toxicity attitude.

How do you envision the future of your clan? What are your goals and aspirations?

Andy: First and foremost to have fun with people that share the same passion for the Division 2. We have come a long way in what I would say, a short amount of time. I share the same goal for the clan as the founder of it, Joy.

A layback atmosphere, kind of like a second family, a place to hang out, have some banter and play together. Make sure it stays that way as we grow in numbers.

As a Clan what are you looking forward to most in Warlords of New York?

Surfer: As a clan we are looking forward to exploring the new map, going back to N.Y (which has special meaning to me and some of my fellow New Yorkers in the clan), the opportunity to finally hunt down Keener and all the new build possibilities with the new gear and weapons being added.

This expansion has all of us very excited of what’s to come in the future of The Division. I mean, how long we have been waiting to bring down Keener!?

Are there any Clan moments in The Division 2 that you would like to share with the community and us?


The first clan moment has to be our individual and group achievements. From CupidStunt50 & myself hitting first on multiple missions for speed runs, to helping non RDS members complete the raid, to the community completing the hard core raid. It seems we are always striving to be better at the game while having fun even if we fail.


The second and most recent moment I was proud of was when the clan #1 within Clan XP. It wasn't something we initially had as a goal but before we knew it there it was. We worked together towards a common goal and conquered it.


Lastly, I know I will get an eye roll for this but the moment I am the proudest of is, well.... everyday.

We truly are a family. There is always a chat party open. People jump in and there will be Conflict, DZ, raids, Hardcore (you name it) being played. I am truly happy to be part of this eclectic bunch and I am looking forward to many more moments with them.

Can you describe what your favourite clan activities are in game?

Wolfy: Conflict and The Dark Zone are my regular go to activities with the clan, and have been since TD1. But when I'm not cashing cheque's in PvP, I enjoy raiding a lot. The mechanics, the team work, the knowing you beat the hardest thing in the game with your team is what it's all about.

Stewie: My favourite clan activity has to be the raid speed runs as it helps to mould various playstyles, improves build knowledge, expands on strategies and nurtures team work all in one. I'm also a bit of a build tinkerer and enjoy helping clan mates out with suggestions for builds that fit their approach, and assist them in farming for their builds.

Heethen: My favourite clan activities would be the Hardcore mode. It provides an environment for the clan to play together and make tactical coordinated attacks and creates a great team atmosphere. All RDS members step up and help each other and those who lost characters. I have also enjoyed the raid extremely, and love to complete it as fast possible. We never fight or point the blame when we mess up, we are a team and we fail or succeed as a team.

If someone wants to join and explore D.C. and/or New York with you, where can they find you?

J0Y: We have a few ways to check us out:

Is there any specific activity you would like to be able to do with your Clan?

FLAW: In TD1 I was a huge Resistance and Survival fan. So if I had to choose, I would definitely want to experience Resistance and Survival within TD2. Then more I think about it, I would really love to have the Underground back so I can play that with my clan.

But who knows what surprises WONY and the next 6 months has in store for us.

Is there anything you would like to share with The Division community?

CUPPY: I’d say clans isn’t all about numbers and how many you have, it’s about the people that are within that clan. At RDS we are one big family, no one goes without help if it’s needed, everyone is welcome into the party chats, we have a laugh, and we have a giggle. And of course we can’t forget our boss Joysus, the patron saint of moccasins ;-).

RDS would be nowhere without all the work he puts in not only in the clan but behind the scenes as well.


We would like to thank the founders and members of Red Dot Society for taking the time to share their story with us and the community. Check out their Discord if you want to get in touch, join them and explore D.C. together!

If you would like to share your Clan's story with us and with the community, let us know what your Clan has been up to using the hashtag #DivisionClanSpotlight. You could be featured in our next Clan Spotlight!

Until next time,

/The Division Community Team


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