June 1, 2021

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Season 6 – Concealed Agenda is back!

As previously announced, you will be able to play re-runs of the Year 2 Seasons or experience them from the first time if you missed them.

The re-run of The Division 2’s third Season, Concealed Agenda, is available once more for all Warlords of New York owners. Agents can dive back in and hunt down one of the Division's most wanted: Bardon Schaeffer. As the Black Tusk continues work to destabilize the Division, Schaeffer allies himself with a common enemy for his own personal operation. With a team of four Rogue Agents in his unit, Schaeffer is once more setting his plan in motion.

To take down Schaeffer, you will first need to take down his band of Rogue Agents. The first Rogue Agent, Shade, is available to hunt down from 8th of June. As always, a Double XP event up to level 15 is live at the start of the new Manhunt to help boost your progress! The new targets are revealed as the season progresses, along with the Double XP Event.

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If you didn't pick it up the first time around, completing the Manhunt will grant you the Shrapnel Trap Skill variant.

TCTD2 S3 Screenshot ShrapnelTrap 960x540


Season 6 sees the return of SHD Exposed, Hollywood, Polarity Switch and the Guardians Global Event. As always, these can be toggled within your Season UI and adds a new and unique way for you to modify your gameplay.

You can complete the Global Event Challenges in the first 4 days of the event to earn stars, as well as earn additional stars when you gain levels where Global Events are active. These stars act as currency to spend on caches at the season vendor in Base of Operations or in Haven to get additional items or crafting resources. Remember to spend them as they do expire!

The time-attack challenges return with Leagues in Season 6, allowing you to compete against other players to see who the fastest and most efficient agent is. By ranking up in the League, you will be able to earn up to 10 specific League rewards! Progress in the Leagues can be earned on a weekly basis, and last up to 2 weeks.


The season re-run will offer a purchasable Season Pass to unlock the Premium reward track. The Season Pass will be available through the in-game store for 1000 Premium Credits, about 10€ or your regional equivalent. A purchase is however not necessary should you already own the associated Season Pass from when the season was previously active, with it being automatically activated.

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