December 2, 2020

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Title Update 12: Summarized


Title Update 12 is almost here, and we wanted to give you some information on the improvements and features that you can expect with it. The Optimization Station, Global Event shop, Challenges and improvements to The Summit game mode, a new Season with fresh objectives and manhunt targets to track down, new gear to explore and more. Join us on December 8 for this new Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 update.

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The Optimization Station

Title Update 12 marks the return of the Optimization station! Accessible through the Recalibration Station, this new tool will help you get the most out every piece of gear by introducing the ability to optimize its stats all the way up to their maximum value.

Check out our dedicated article containing everything you need to know about the Optimization Station.

The Summit Challenges

We are introducing Challenges to The Summit game mode. Complete a new series of objective within the game mode and earn rewards!

Challenges in The Summit will come in two categories:

  • Tactical Challenges: These are combat oriented challenges, for example, performing a certain number of headshots, or destroying enemy weak points.
  • Ascent Challenges: These are progression and difficulty focused challenges, for example clearing 3 floors within a single session or completing a boss floor with 6 Directives active and without any Agents being downed.
  • You can have one Tactical and one Ascent Challenge active at any given time. Upon reaching floor 100 all completed challenges will be reset. Any Challenge that is still ongoing will maintain its progress.

Challenges are player-specific and don’t have to be the same as the rest of the group.

Completing challenges will earn you a variety of rewards, including:

  • XP
  • Targeted loot items
  • Summit Challenge caches, containing materials for Optimization and Recalibration of your gear.

Also, depending on the overall number of challenges you have completed, you will get the following rewards depending on your milestone:

  • 5th: New Exotic Assault Rifle (One Time Reward)
  • 20th: Named Item Cache
  • 30th: Exotic Cache
  • 10th, 20th, 30th: Blueprint + Specialisation points each.

To access them you can just select them on the map view. Are you up to the challenge?

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Improvements to The Summit

Title Update 12 is bringing another round of improvements to The Summit, and among other things, we are adding the following:

New Commendations

  • Summit Challenge Distinction: Finish 20 Summit Ascents, having completed at least 5 Challenges.
  • Summit Discovery Merit: Open the locked crates hidden throughout the floors of the Summit.
  • Summit Service Distinction: Complete 30 hours of service in The Summit.

Targeted Loot

We wanted The Summit to feel more rewarding, so starting in TU12, each unlocked checkpoint will award you with a Targeted Loot item based on your selection and its quality scaled based on the difficulty.

Checkpoints occur every 3 floors, or on floors 3, 6, 9, 10, 13, ..., 96, 99, 100

Rogue Encounters

We have adjusted the frequency at which Rogue Encounters happen in The Summit. Now, while on Legendary Difficulty, the chance for Rogue Encounters has been increased.

As part of this adjustment, the cooldown between these possible Rogue Encounters has also been reduced.


We have added a new objective category and increased variation for the existing objectives. You will have to discover the new objective category yourself, but it may be related to contamination.

The frequency of specific objectives has also been adjusted, meaning that encountering multiple drone objectives in a row will be less frequent.

Global Event Shop

The way Global Event rewards work will change with Title Update 12. You will now earn stars by completing Global Event Challenges, which can be spent in the Global Event Shop.

Here, you will be able to buy Crafting Caches, Season Caches, Exotic Caches, and more.

Please bear in mind that any unspent Stars at the end of the Global Event will be lost.

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New Gear

With Title Update 12 comes a fresh batch of new gear for your agents. Here are some highlights:

Exotic Assault Rifle: Capacitor This skill-based weapon will add stacks that increment skill damage, while each Skill Tier will grant extra damage to the rifle.

TCTD2 S4 Screenshot Weapon Exotic Six12 Logo

Exotic Shotgun: Scorpio A fast-firing shotgun that will stack status effects on your enemies, starting with poison and ending with additional damage.

__Exotic Holster: Waveform __ This Holster will also add stacks to increment skill damage but in higher quantity and with the addition that it will transfer between your skills.

TCTD2 S4 Screenshot Season Outfit Logo

Gear set: Rigger A set that will allow you to make the most out of your skills, focused on faster deployment and lethality.

Skill Variant: Achilles Pulse A pulse that will reveal the weak points of your enemies, allowing you and your team to focus on them and bring them down with extra damage.

Title Update 12 will also add the new Empress International brand set, new standard weapons PDR and Tactical .308 together with their named counterparts; Test Subject and Scalpel.
For an overview of the additions and changes coming in TU12, head over to the PTS Wave 1 patch notes on our official forums.

Other improvements

As part of TU12 we wanted to introduce features and improvements which have been requested by our community. For example, you have requested to be able to wear masks outside of contaminated areas, and from Title Update 12 onwards, you’ll be able to!

We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions and we encourage you to keep sharing them with us in our forums.

Here are some other improvements that you can expect in Title Update 12:

Picking up skills

Picking up skills has been a common request and, starting on Title Update 12, you will be able to pick up your deployed Turret.

When it comes to the cooldown, any power left will be added to it.

This means that immediately picking up a turret that was placed by mistake will give you a shorter cooldown than usual to be able to place it again.

Inventory Size Increase

As another highly requested feature, we are happy to announce that TU12 will see the inventory size increased by 50 to 150.

Loadout Slots Increase

The number of stored loadouts has also been increased by 4 to 16.

Mod filters

Title Update 12 also brings the ability to filter mods. You will be able to use the following filters:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Utility

We are very excited to bring this update to The Division 2. Keep an eye out for our Patch Notes, which will be shared on December 7th on our official forums.

See you on the streets of NYC and D.C, Agents!

/The Division 2 Development Team


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