4 November 2020

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The Optimization Station

Title Update 12 marks the return of a powerful tool for your endgame builds – the Optimization Station. With it, you’ll be able to wring the full potential out of each piece of gear you use for a price. Here’s everything you need to know before your Recalibration Station gets an upgrade!

The Optimization Station will be a new menu accessible via the Recalibration Station and will require newly introduced resource currencies to operate. With it, you can improve gear Attributes beyond their current rolls to their upper limits.

For a price, you’ll be able to top off attributes to be 100% of their maximum value or bring items up to par. High-end and Exotic weapons and gear as well as Gear Set items are all able to be improved through optimization.

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Attributes can be optimized in tiers, with each tier representing a new value of the attribute as a percentage of its maximum value, about 10% per tier, with a cap of 100% at tier 10. This means that attributes cannot be optimized beyond their maximum value.

For example, a Skill Damage attribute at 3.7% can be optimized to tier 4, which would be 4% (40% of the maximum value of 10). Then again to tier 5, which is 5%.

The cost of optimization is discounted based on partial progress to the next tier – so optimizing from 3.7% to 4% is cheaper than 3% to 4%. But 4% to 5% will be more expensive than both.

Every attribute of an item can be optimized individually, and each attribute’s cost is based on the tier of optimization.

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Every optimization will require a total of 4 different resources to complete. The cost of every optimization increases with every tier:

  • Item-Type Deconstruction Materials – these materials are gained from deconstructing other gear of the same type. Only high-end, Exotic, and Gear Set items will give this material.

  • Control Point/Landmark Materials – you can earn these from completing Control Points in the LZ, Landmarks in the DZ (they will always be uncontaminated), and the higher floors of The Summit. The amount yielded per activity scales directly with game difficulty.

  • Faction Materials – these can be found from enemies of the various factions. The amount of this material that drops also scales directly with difficulty.

  • Project Materials – these are materials gained from completing Daily and Weekly projects (PvE and PvP). Weekly Projects will give substantially more materials than Daily Projects.

All optimization materials can also be made separately through the Crafting Bench with standard crafting materials. Blueprints for these materials may be found by completing high-alert-level control points, and by completing certain projects.

[TCTD2][TU12]Optimization Station 3 960x540

There are limitations to what can be optimized, however.

Only level 40 High-end, Gear Set, and Exotic gear and weapons can be optimized.

Optimized attributes cannot be recalibrated after beginning the process, so make sure you’re working with what you want to keep. Additionally, optimized stats cannot be added to the Recalibration library.
Worn, Standard, Specialized, and Superior cannot be optimized and will not grant item-type materials from being deconstructed.

The Optimization Station will be joining the White House and Haven Recalibration Stations with Title Update 12 later this year alongside the start of Season 4.

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