Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Warlords of New York Expansion

While The Division was working to secure Washington, D.C., a familiar shadow fell over the streets of New York. Aaron Keener - one of The Division's original antagonists, as well as the first Division Agent to go rogue - has brought the factions of New York City under his control, and used them to conquer Lower Manhattan.

With other rogue Agents and a lethal new viral strain at his command, Keener is poised to eradicate what little has been rebuilt since the catastrophic Black Friday pandemic. The battle to restore order continues, but now The Division has a new mission: Stop Keener at any cost.

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Embark on an Epic Manhunt

Rogue ex-Division Agent Aaron Keener has united New York’s factions under his banner, becoming the city’s highest authority and pushing The Division to hunt him down before he unleashes a new virus.

Fight Through Thrilling Encounters

To stop Aaron Keener, The Division must first hunt his close guard of four rogue Agents – and deal with enemy factions on the streets, the iconic Cleaners and Rikers.

Explore 4 New NYC Districts

Lower Manhattan is an all-new, hurricane-devastated area that includes Civic Center, Battery Park, the Financial District, and Two Bridges, all infested with new and familiar threats.

Progress to Level 40

Warlords of New York raises the level cap to 40, and adds a new SHD Level for infinite progression. New players can even create a new level 30 Agent and jump right into the fight for New York.

Engage in Seasons

Warlords of New York kicks off the start of Seasons: a set of new endgame activities, providing a unique narrative, new objectives, and rewards for players.

Enjoy an overhauled Division 2 Experience

New tactical options are available to players, with four new skills to unlock as well as exclusive exotics, gear sets, and many named items –allowing for diverse playstyles whether you play solo or co-op.

Pre-purchase the Expansion

The Division 2 base game is required in order to play the expansion. Warlords of New York arrives March 3, 2020. Pre-purchase now on Xbox One or PC to unlock exclusive items.

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