June 10, 2024

The Crew Motorfest Year 2 Revealed at Ubisoft Forward 2024

Dear festival-goers,

What an amazing Ubisoft Forward we had, highlighting an incredible year with The Crew Motorfest and the best, most passionate community we could wish for!

Last week, we announced the final update of Year 1, Season 4, coming on July 3.

Today, we were thrilled to give you a first look at our program for the year to come. In Year 2, Motorfest will continue to grow, with more Seasons, cars, and Playlists! And that's not even the biggest news.

A Whole New World

We'll start with Season 5 and a huge announcement. We know many of you love spending hours exploring our beautiful open world.
So - what about discovering a whole new playground?

[TCM] Post-FWRD Article - maui

YES! A brand-new Hawaiian island will be added to the game at the launch of Season 5 - in November 2024 - for free!

Maui, a captivating jewel in the Hawaiian crown - the island embodies an exquisite blend of culture, adventure, and natural wonders, thus offering an enchanting setting for the Motorfest Festival.

From the vibrant energy of Kahului urban grounds to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Haleakalā National Park and its bamboo forest, going through the iconic Ohe’o Gulch sacred pools with its cascading waterfalls, Maui beckons with endless exploration.

The island's diverse beauty makes it an irresistible destination for those seeking both chill rides and thrilling motorized adventures.

Maui will add a whopping 345km of total road network to the game, with 229km of that being asphalt and 190km of dirt roads. So, get ready for some amazing island exploration!

Familiar Faces

At the end of the year, Season 5 will also bring a sequel to a fan-favorite Playlist: Made in Japan Vol.2.

And with it, Street Rivalry is back! Reunite with the Pack, meet new street rivals and conquer the asphalt once again, during a new night dive into the Japanese car culture - on our whole new island!

Join The Chase Squad

Finally, the start of Year 2 will also see the introduction of a brand-new gameplay experience.

Chase and Takedown arrive at Motorfest!

[TCM] Post-FWRD Article - chase

'The Chase Squad' will be joining Motorfest in November as Premium PVE content.

‘The Chase Squad’ will be joining Motorfest in November as Premium PVE content.
Get ready to join the squad and engage in an exhilarating contest of speed & impacts that will light up the roads of Hawaii! Hunt, outmaneuver and take down street racers in ruthless face-offs all over Motorfest’s islands. From slick speedsters to powerful road conquerors, master the new chase fleet and bark your dominance on the roads.
No need to play fair – Show everyone you’ve got what it takes to make a name for yourself as the new Takedown Legend.

To find out more, tune in to our next The Crew Showcase in September !
Register here to be the first to know more about Year 2 updates: thecrewgame.com/register

Thank you all for your continued support and feedback.

See you on the island! 🏝

/The Crew Team

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