July 21, 2023


You're excited about The Crew Motorfest and want to share gameplay content on Youtube? You've come to the right place!

We know that sometimes content creators can encounter difficulties regarding content uploaded on Youtube leading sometimes to takedowns or claims of rights. This is why The Crew Motorfest development team and Epidemic Sound music label have worked for months to let you create in-context gameplay content about the game, without any copyright constraints about the music.

1. If you're part of The Ubisoft Creators Program

Months ago, Ubisoft launched its platform dedicated to content creators. If you are already a member of the program, Ubisoft takes care of everything! If you're member of the Creators Program, your channel is already whitelisted, so you won't receive any claim about The Crew Motorfest videos posted with music. You'll be able to monetize your videos as normal, using The Crew Motorfest music with streamer mode on, and you won't receive any copyright notifications from YouTube.

Not yet a member of Ubisoft Creators Program?

Would you like to partner with Ubisoft and benefit from premium access to games and exclusive advantages? Apply to join the program here: https://creatorsprogram.ubisoft.com/

[TCM] Streamer Mode Article - Asset 2

2. If you're not part of The Ubisoft Creators Program


You can fill in this Google form to let Epidemic Sound know that you're a The Crew Motorfest content creator, by just entering your YouTube URL in the form, your channel will be whitelisted. After only few days, you'll be able to post your video as usual.

Google Form to register your channel: Google Form

Option 2: MAKE A CLAIM

When you upload your video, YouTube will identify the song as music licensed by Epidemic Sound. You can still post your video, but it won't be monetized at first.

To receive your income from your video, you'll need to dispute the claim. It's very simple: you can do it via the YouTube dashboard, here: https://studio.youtube.com

Epidemic Sound will release the claim within 3 days. Once the claim has been released, it will disappear from the YouTube dashboard, and all your monetization revenue will revert to the retroactive (from the date of publication).

If you are not eligible for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and therefore do not generate revenue from your videos: You'll receive a notification that your video contains licensed music. Rest assured, this will have no impact on your video or your channel! You can post your video as normal.

Need more information? We've prepared a special FAQ for you:

Q&A Epidemic Sound

Q: Why did I receive a claim?

A: In order for us to recognize you as a licensed user and ensure your right to monetize, you must first dispute any claims you receive, and provide the correct sentence in your dispute note:  I am covered under the TCM License. When filing a dispute, please follow instructions in the video above. To avoid monetization claims on your future content, please make sure to safelist your channel (YouTube channel ID) here: Google Form

Q: Why did I receive a third-party copyright claim for using music from Epidemic Sound?

A: Epidemic Sound owns 100% of all the rights to their music, other parties have no right to make a copyright claim on your video.

Rest assured a 3rd party claimant has no right to claim against our music, and since we can prove that, we should be able to help you with this swiftly; however, it's up to the platform and the claimant to release the copyright claim.

If you receive a copyright claim from a third party when you know that you have the legal right to use it, you can have the claim retracted. Please file a dispute with the link to our website and a URL of the track you used from our catalog.

Please then contact us here with the following information so we can try and contact the claimant from our end.

  1. A URL of the affected video.

  2. A screenshot of the claim/error notifications.

  3. The name/URL to our track.

We take this very seriously since we know that it harms the integrity of your video and will do everything we can to have the claim released.

See you at Motorfest!


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