March 8, 2024

The Crew Motorfest Season 3 Quality of Life Improvements

Hello Festival-goers,

Last season, we brought you some long-awaited quality of life updates. But we didn't stop there! As we rev our engines and gear up for Season 3, we're ready to give you a glimpse on some exciting improvements that are coming to the game on March 13.


A more efficient part-scrapping solution has been our priority focus since last season's update based on your feedback. Now, you can scrap multiple perf parts of the same rarity in batches in your vehicle upgrade menu! This is still an early version of this feature. We'll be continuing to improve this functionality based on your comments.


The frustration of having to horizontally scroll through hundreds of vehicle in your collection is soon coming to an end. In Season 3, we're adding new sorting filters and vertical navigation to your Vehicle Collection tab. Again, we'll continue to perfect this feature based on your feedback in the future.


We know that players have been asking for more options to finetune their controls, and to bridge the gap of the different experiences on different controllers.

We first tested a simpler version with an on-and-off "Direct Mode" feature during the Season 3 Technical Test Server as an experiment, and we found that the test players would much prefer a more intricate solution to be able to customize the filter to their personal preferences.

So we added sliders to this feature for Season 3. You can go to "Options" -> "Main controls" to find the "Direct Mode" option and its sliders for "sensitivity" and "dynamic max lock".

This is an early version of the feature, and we'll (again) be looking at your comments to improve it down the line.

[TCM] News Article - Season 3 Quality of Life Improvements - steering filter


We've upgraded the map filters with new presets that show you the activities linked to specific Main Stage tracks so you can navigate your way through your progression easier.

More improvements are still in the works, and we're always looking to discuss with you the players on how we can make our game better. Please go over to our Community Discord Server! There, you can join in the conversations in the #official-feedback channel with more than 70k other Discord members, and learn about the latest updates of the game.

And that's it for Season 3! We can't wait for you to test out all the new updates. We love to hear your feedback and continue to make The Crew Motorfest a great experience for everyone.

See you all on the island!

/The Crew Motorfest team

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