March 5, 2024

This Week in The Crew – March 5th

Welcome to “This Week in The Crew” article! Every week, we bring the news of the weekly novelties in both The Crew Motorfest and The Crew 2 to you to help get you started!

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This week, get ready to send off HOONIGAN with a bang!


HOONIGAN presents its final week at Motorfest, offering players a chance to compete for the exclusive Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GRS HOONIGAN Edition. Show off your skills, as this event marks the end of HOONIGAN’s series, making victory all the more significant.

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Pick your fastest rides and most unique customizations if you want to win this week’s Custom Show. Show us your hottest T2 Street Race, Racing, or Hypercar and let’s see if your style is as good as your driving!

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Finally, here are the bundles of the week!


Show Reel Bundle

  • Lamborghini Reventón (2007) - Hypercar
  • Porsche 911 GT (993) (1996) - Street Car
  • Mercedes-AMG C 63 Touring Car (993) (1996) - Racing Car


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  • Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTION IX (2006) - Street Car
  • Magenta Spangled Nitro
  • Magenta Ethereal Smoke

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Kicking off our LIVE Summits will be Made by MAD Vol. 2! Reach Platinum Rank and unlock the special Dodge CHARGER R/T HEMI® MAD Edition (2012) to show off your high-speed skills to other racers!


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TCM photo by u/Confident_Cake_4839 (Reddit)

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TCM photo by V!P3R! (Discord)

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TCM photo by Patrik (Discord)

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